Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Always Sisters.....

This post is dedicated to my Sista. I was going to do a post last year for her birthday but I never got round to doing it. Last year November I was doing daily or almost daily Post on the many things I was Thankful for. I wonder what happened this year. Today is Thanksgiving Day and today my Sister is a year older. Happy Birthday Sista.

My Sista is my best mate. Even though we are several hundreds of thousand miles apart from each other we communicate everyday. Our spouses allow us have our space and try not to figure out the 'fights' and the arguments we seem to have every now and then. I guess they just spice up the relationship. My Sista and I were in Uni together and we lived together for 2 years before she left school. Our roomies also learnt very early to stay clear of our heated arguments on all things from money( I was always borrowing and not returning at agreed terms or time) , clothes, food, boys, friends, or whose turn it was to make hot cocoa for the three blind mice( Shout out to all D43 roomies) for as the arguments started so did it always fizzle out. She has on many occasion said to people, don't forget she is my Sista anyway...

My Sista is a good woman, a loving mother and wife and a WWTBP(Writer Waiting To Be Published)

For as long as I can remember my Sista has been writing. She has nothing published yet but that doesn't mean she is not good at it. She is work in progress and she keeps getting better everyday.She just needs to keep at it. Meeting Christain Writer over summer was a good experience for her. We still keep referring to the meeting and conversations anytime we talk about writing.I have watched her set writing goals for herself. She is more determined to meet those goals and set bigger ones. She is currently doing an internship and constantly seeking experiences that will improve her writing. I just would like to re-affirm my total commitment to reading everything you write. I also will always be there to chat and talk on the phone about competitions and all sorts. I pledge my allegiance to this writing mission and I know there will be a paragraph with my name on the acknowledgement page some day soon.

Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving.

Lets sing that our song again... Always Sisters , Always Friends. Lets Stay real close to the end. Loving each other... Always Sisters , Always Friends.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgivings

WARNING: This Post may be LONG!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

At the beginning of the month i said i was going to do a Thanksgiving Post everyday. Along the way I bowed to the pressure of work and procrastination. Many times i tried to post but i was just too tired to get my Brain to function well. I justified that with its better not to post than to post incoherently. Today is Thanksgiving day.I have to post even though I'm so TIRED I want to run out of my body.

To make it easy for me I'll do a list.i love making lists and I always have a note book and pencil ready to make my never-ending list. I'm going to List 22 things I'm thankful for. It should be pretty easy abi lets see.

  1. The Gift of Life. I take this gift for granted so many times but with each passing day I thank God for the gift of my LIFE. I'm not any better than so many many who have gone. But by HIS grace he has counted me worthy. I say Thank you.
  2. I give thanks for my Father. He will be going back to the university after about 2 years away for various assignments. 1st was his sabbatical and then Jos. I know he would have loved to stay on in Jos and find some more relevance but the politics is getting to him and he will rather go back to his teaching. He is a good man and a good teacher. I give thanks for him. I give thanks for the gift of reasoning and the ability to withdraw at the right time. For he who fights to run lives to fight another day. This is just the beginning. I love you.
  3. I give thanks for Rose my new Nanny. She is a good girl and I'm grateful for the support she gives to our household. The boys love her and we are all one big happy family.
  4. My Lord Bishop's will was read last Saturday. I give thanks cos the reading went well. There was no fights and despite all the rumours that have being flying that some certain members of the family has being disinherited. They were not and those who didn't get anything cried but it was too late. I give thanks for the children who through it all were united and strong.
  5. I give thanks for my job. I waited this long to mention it so I don't sound like a workaholic. The truth is i love my job. Is it the dream job? No but its not far from it. I enjoy working with my Boss. She is strict but fair. I look up to her in so many ways. When they say female bosses are mean or women don't like working with other women they were not talking about my boss.
  6. I give thanks for my Broda Ibk ( he hate the name) and his wife. They have only being married for about 11 months. Morning shows the day. i expect great things form the 2 of them. I give thanks for the support that he give me. I sound him off on a lot of things and he sure going to be a good head of the family someday howbeit a very STRICT one.
  7. I give thanks for my Sis Max and her family. Ct is back at home and he spoke to me on the phone. He is getting stronger by the day and they should move in the 1st week of December. I still don't have a ticket to go see her despite all my campaign. This just means when I see her it will be a supa duppa holiday for me, London to Minnesota then back to London.
  8. I give thanks for TO. She is Max's friend and Prayer Partner since forever. I think they meat in French School. She is back in Nigeria after 2 years study in Paris. She is looking for a J.O.B. She is like family and I appreciate her support for Max all thru the trials with CT and always. I also give thanks for my friend P.J. She is also my business partner. Thank you for always having my back covered.
  9. I give thanks for Koko. She is our sista from another mother.
  10. I thought this was going to be easy but I give thanks for the more I think the more I realise that its not all gloomy. God has indeed being GOOD to me. I thank God for his Love towards me at all times.
  11. I give thanks for Madame Do Good.( my cousin) as the name implies she is always doing good. She was a year older a couple of days ago. I give thanks for her life and the role she plays in the family. Many more years ahead my dear Cousin
  12. I give thanks for Tee whose hubby decided to whisk away for a romantic weekend in London cos now when she is less busy with the 'activities of the weekend away' she can help me get a dress suit for Senior Boy who is going to be a ring bearer at a wedding in 2 weeks.Why we waited this long to get the suit ? Ask my Oyo man.
  13. I give thanks for my Mum. Even though she is coming this late in the list I love her and I know she loves me too. Love you Mummy see you at Christmas.
  14. I give thanks for my Aunt E. Her life is an example of how determination and hard work pays. I'm proud of ALL your achievements .
  15. I give thanks for my Cousin. I know this time next year when I'm making this list you will have your own testimony.
  16. I give thanks for my Grandmother, though she is has being gone 4 years now she still is very much a part of our life. Her legacy can NEVER be forgotten and all her Prayers God has answered. We love you E.O. I miss you daily.
  17. I give thanks for my other Broda. He is in a Transition at the moment. Expectations and Aspirations. I give thanks cos you have the mind of God and he will direct your path. Just listen and follow his lead.
  18. I give thank for Bloggers and Blogs. Whoever came up with the idea of a Blog? How on earth would I have met 36,Solomonsdyelle,Uzo,Atutu,Araceli, Bimbylads,Boorish,TaureanMinx,Silent Storm,Overwhelmed,London Buki,Princesa,Jeremy,Christain Writer,Mamalopes, A kel,Linda Ikeji, Funmi Iyanda, Molara Woods, Nyemoni, Udy, Pilgrimage to Self, Sara etc etcetc many of who I haven't met physically but ALL of who I feel a connection with. Thank you ALL for coming into my life.
  19. I give thanks cos this is almost over. I didn't know it would be this hard.
  20. I give thanks for my Oyo man.
  21. I give thanks for my boys, Senior Boy and Old man.
  22. I give thanks for all the issues in my life right now cos thorough it all I'm getting better. I give thanks for family and friends who through the year have supported and made me better. Love you lots and God bless you all.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, 16 November 2007

I take hand cover my face.....

Day 16

I posted last over a week ago. I have being so so very busy at work. The stress level was HIGH. But we thank God Abuja has opened for business. In the last week I have felt so many emotions that even as I write I still feel tired and drained but in all things I give Thanks.

I was deceived by a colleague in the office who in agreement with some courier company promised to deliver in 24hours when they knew it could not be done. I was anxious and expectant and i naively believed all the stories they spun. The wool fell of my eyes and I saw them for the con that they were by then man hours have being lost and my credibility was in ruins but Thank God through it all i took ownership of the problem and was not shy to admit i goofed.

In the past week i was at the point of declaring a colleague missing. She was to fly to Abuja to resume when she came to say she had to travel with her LasserLab puppy. Virgin Nigeria do not carry animals and the notice was too short to get on Aero not that we were sure they will carry Glory and her puppy. She was ready to go by road and off we went on Friday. At about 10.00am on Sunday she wasn't in Lagos and the Abuja guys had not seen her or her puppy. The was going crazy with worry. I couldn't even tell my Boss what was happening when I didn't even know what was happening. I had to call her next of kin and ask if they have heard from her. The tears I shed when I heard her voice on the phone were of relief and victory.
I don't know if i would have survived if anything happened.

My nephew is well and out of the hospital. My sista's plan to relocate to the US has to wait till next month. I still want to go see her more than ever before but i still need a free ticket. I give thanks for that.

The boys love their new Nanny and I give a million thanks for that. If all my hair were a thousand Tongue it wouldn't be enough to give Thanks for the kind of support she renders.

Julie and I finally tied all the knots to our business arrangement. We are daily getting referrals and things are looking up in that direction. I give thanks for friends like sisters and the extra income from that side.

i promise to try and do a daily update but I can see next week will be another crazy week.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

My Nephew

I'm the eldest of four, I have a sista. We love and 'hate' each other almost with the same intensity. We were roommates for 3 years in her 4 years in the University. Our roommates Afoju Ekute Meta( The 3 Blind mice) knew in the early days not to get involved in our bickering and never ending arguments about the most ridiculous of things.

If you opened your mouth to say a word in support of either party Max is usually quick to say cos I'm fighting my sista doesn't make it ok for you to say that. She is my sista you know. The fights ends as fast as they start and we can have so many in a day. It was crazy living with us but we had fun. We had some friends in common and some of each others friends we couldn't stand.

We watched me go in and out of relationship while I allowed her to explore and make friends with all sort of people. She even had a friend nicknamed 'stupid' in her 1st year. That was how stupid the guy was and how naive and trusting my sister is. But she made long lasting friends with Koko, Frances, Ima and so many other people who are like our sisters till.

Max got married before me to a very handsome Jay and they have 2 beautiful children. My post is about their 1st child. CT ( Chubby Tee ) He such a sweet heart.I love him to bits. He has a beautiful simile. Today I give thanks for his life. He has a surgery yesterday to remove a ruptured appendicitis. I woken up on Sunday by my phone going off text message. I saw it was a message from Sis wondering what medication to use for CT who was in pain and throwing up. I suggested oral re hydration to replenish all the lost fluid. I also told her to call my broda in law who is a Paediatrician for more consultation. She decided he will stay home with Jay while she goes to church with his Sister.

I called in the afternoon and Jay told me CT was feeling better and was sleeping. I promised to call my sista later in the evening. We were all thankful he was feeling better and agreed it was best to take him to see the GP on Monday to be on the safe size. As the days went by the pain continued and the stomach swelled and CT began to lose weight. GP couldn't diagnose what was wrong. My sista took him to Queen Elizabeth and they were sent home.When things didn't improve they went to Queen Mary he was there for 4 days no improvement nothing.A scan was done which didn't show anything but Max knew something was not ok with her boy. They were then referred to a St Georges a Specialist hospital where it was decided they will do a laparocopy to see what was up inside CT. They opened him up yesterday afternoon and discovered no only had the appendix change position from the right to the left it had ruptured about 2 days ago and 150ml of mucous was suction out of his 31 month old stomach. He is currently in recovery and my sista is feeling better.

Through it all she was strong and kept a positive confession. I give thanks for the Faith of our Fathers. I give thanks for friends like family who help care for Princess while Max and Jay had to be with CT. I give thanks for the Doctors who listened to a persistent mothers plea to check and check again. I give thanks for all the support from family and friends. I'm most thankful for CT's life and the quick recovery he will have. I give thanks to God for he remains the Faithful. HE indeeds honours his WORDS.

Thank you

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I cant Think of a title.

Day 6

What have i gotten myself into? Daily post is not easy o.

I feel like i have literally had a new baby. Three of our Abuja staff left Lagos today to resume today. The last of the bunch left about 30 mins ago. I also had to also deliver safely 2 med tech safely. Its being a long tortuous journey to this day. I give thanks for Abuja and I know we will only hear good reports from that end.

I feel very tried and stressed but its a good feeling knowing you are affecting life positively.

I also give thanks for Rose our new Nanny who is starting today. I pray your stay will us will be good and we will all be happy together.

I give thanks for closing time is 5pm. I want to go home and rest my achy feet.

see ya'll tomorrow.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Oh what a Day!!!

Day Four

I was going to put up a post yesterday but Blogger just would not cooperate and I didnt have the patience. I was holding on tightly to the last days of my weekend. The boys are coming abck tomorrow.

I was at a baby dedication in the evening and I give thanks for the gift of LIFE. The newness and the joy that comes with the birth of a new child. Hope that tomorrow will be better. Thank God for new beginings.

Day Five

Today is just one of those crazy mondays. I give thanks for Mondays. Mondays are my favourite day of the week. I feel so much hope and will to take thw world and conquer on Mondays. It's a new week, so much to do , goals to meet, appointments to keep, lives to affect and change. Monday mornings are beautiful morning bright and full of hope.

My boys are home already and I cant wait to see then. Still searching for a replacement and hopefully before the week runs out we will have one.

I give thanks for monday morning.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Thank You

Day Three

I was almost not going to post today cos its just one of those very busy days I have 2 weddings, a meeting with my Boss , hubby to pick up and market runs. I hate going to the market but I love shopping. What an Irony.

I'm having challenges with getting a new Nanny and I work full time but in all things I give thanks.

I'm thankful for Mama next door who has 'adopted' me and my boys.

She has being babysitting for me for about a week. Old man reports at her door just before Dh head for work and Senior Boy joins him there when he gets back in the afternoon. I pack cooked food,sandwiches,caprisonne,2 change of clothes etc etc so we don't over burden Mama. When I arrive to pick the boys at about 6.30 -7.00pm they ready for bed and in their Pjs.

I'm grateful and I say thank you Mama for your support.

I was home alone yesterday.I sent the boys to my Aunt for the long weekend. They are on half term holidays. Dh is in Abuja for work and he's back as I write. The house because twice its size and the silence was so loud I almost went deaf. The bed was strange also cos when Dh is away the boys get to sleep with me but I was home alone. I didn't enjoy the being alone as much as I thought I would.

I'm thankful for my family Dh, Senior Boy and Old man. The noise and the cries they bring into my life. Now DH is back we will have the house to ourselves but I know he will want the boys back tomorrow but I'm not having it they stay till Tuesday at my Aunt. Hopefully by then we will have a new Nanny.

I give thanks for my Aunt. I apprecaite her support and love. I give thanks for the New Nanny wherever you are hurry , my boys and I need you.we cant wait to have you in our lives and in our home.

Friday, 2 November 2007

My Darling Daddy

Day Two

Today I'm giving thanks for the number man in my life( pls don't crucify me but Dh understands). Yes I'm an original Daddy's girl. i love my father I no go lie. He is 57 years old today and he doesn't look a day older that 45. I remember his numerous visit to my hostel in those day and people actually thought he was my 'Aristo'. I have a very close relationship with my Dad and we talk about everything almost everything. He has always allowed us the children to express ourselves. My family is a 'strange' one but in a good way( I like to believe). You are not allowed to talk back rudely but we actually have freedom of speech.

I'm thankful for my Daddy who didn't restrict my intellect but encouraged me to be all I possibly can hope to be. He is still challenging me to do more even till date.

I give thanks for the good example you showed us. You answered most all our questions and showed us we can do it. For the bad examples also I say thank you cos through them we know what to expect and how to react. You are not perfect but I love you the way you are.

For loving my mummy so much even after over 30 plus years and always looking out to make her happy. I'm thankful.

I remember one of the life lesson you taught us , somethings are RIGHTS and others are PRIVILEGES. I had just finished Secondary School in 1993. I made all my papers and I got admission in to the University. We all know the 90's was a period of decay in the Universities. Strikes after Strikes after Strikes. Everybody and I mean everybody I knew was going abroad for their degree programme. I could not understand why my Lecturer father will not see the light and send me to UK or US to school. You simple reason was you could not afford it. Your excuse didn't hold water as far as I was concerned. I bugged him day and night and tried all the tricks in the book.My mother was also on my side and my siblings all wanted to have the pleasure of saying my sista is abroad.

Early one morning at about 5.30a you came into my room and woke me up. Told me to get dress and get into the car. We were going somewhere.My brodas and sista joined us too. I nervously followed as we all got into your Benz 200 diesel. My mum looked on curiously wondering where he was taking us that early in the morning. We drove in silence all the way to Oja Oba right at the Palace of the Emir( I grew up in Ilorin) where he packed the car . Just as the car slowed down to park we were immediately swarmed with men,women and children who wanted to know what services we required. Once he waved them away the lecture started.

He told us those children were born just like us by parents who by choice or fate can not afford to nurture or care for them. He said they were labourers and their daily pay was less than 500 bucks. We all had a choice of getting out of the car and join them if we feel that what he was providing for us as a father was inadequate. He then explained how much he earned as a lecturer and how he can not afford to start something he cant finish. He asked how much I thought a degree programme in UK or US will cost. How he will come up with the money on his salary as a Teacher when he was not feeding aft on government money. he told us it wasn't the University that matter but the drive. What are you going to make out of your life with the resources available to you no matter how limited they are. He told us we were no less disadvantaged by the fact that we were in Nigeria. we just have to make sure we have the extra edge and strive at perfection in all we do.

It was our RIGHT as his children that he provides for us the basic things we need in life shelter, food and education. He however has a choice to be responsible or not. It was however a PRIVILEGE if he decides to send us abroad to UK considering that it was beyond his means or to buy a car for you upon graduation or send you abroad every summer.

I give thanks for that day and for how that changed my perspective till date.

Even as you celebrate today I wish you long life and good health. There is so many more good years ahead and your dreams will come true. You will leave to see many many more of your grandchildren and even great grand children. Happy birthday Daddy.

Thank you.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

In all things give Thanks

This is the month of Thanksgiving. The years is fast coming to an end. I'm taking audits and planning for the year(s) ahead. I'm going to be doing a post everyday about all the things I'm thankful for. This is going to be a challenge as it will mean writing a post everyday but there is a lot to be thankful for.

Day One

I got a call yesterday from a friends lets call him Wale. We were both in Uni together. After Law school while all my colleagues were going for interviews in all the top law firms and grabbing all the 'juicy' jobs, I was getting ready to push senior boy out. I felt sad and happy at the same time. I was happy to be a mother but sad and wondering if my career will ever take off . Some folks even commented to my hearing wondering why i was just content with staying home and raising my son while guys who didn't know as much as me were all practising.I asked myself so many questions, will I ever be able to live up to those words I wrote in our class year book when they asked what will you be doing in 15 years, will ever get a job, will I ever 'catch up '?

As soon as Senior Boy clocked One I began to actively look for a job. Wale had 'my dream' job at that time. He was working as a Judicial Assistant to one of the most respected Senior Judges in Lagos State. I tried all I could to get a job as a judicial assistant.I knew I would thrive in that role. The nerd in me will finally hold sway. Reading Law reports all day and researching for precedents. I will also not work weekends and close at 4pm. Most Courts stop sitting at about 3pm anyways.I will be working in Ikeja driving against traffic to and from work. I had it all worked out in my head. But I didn't get the job. It was man know man and I didn't know man enough.

I told Wale then if he ever heard of a vacancy or he ever wanted to leave his job he should let me know. He called me yesterday to offer me his job.He was leaving his Judge , moving on to private practise and was shopping for his replacement. He called to keep his promise to me.

I give thanks for friends like Wale who will keep their words even after about 4 years plus.

I stopped to consider the offer for about 2 hours yesterday but realised that it was coming 3 years late. July 2008 I will be 5 years at the Bar. I on a journey on another road and hopefully all will be well at the end. Law will be there when I'm good and ready and we will reunite like old lovers. You and I forever together but I will dictate my terms not some old Senior who thinks he is doing me a favour for allowing me tutelage under him.

I give thanks for unknown tomorrow, the today I could not see in September 2003. I'm thankful for hindsight, cos now I see that all things work together for my good. I give thanks for Senior boy and for all the joy he brings to my life. Though I didn't get 'my dream job' or work in a top law firm, I'm happy and fulfilled. I also give thanks for the future I can not begin to imagine or phantom.

See you tomorrow for another Thanksgiving Tale.

Saturday, 27 October 2007


Its being a very busy 3weeks for me. Solomonsydelle and Catwalq have asked for an update and that exactly what you all will get an update.

Home Front

DH will be arriving from Calabar in a couple of hours and I need to hurry up and pick him up at the airport. I spent the better part of this morning in the kitchen cooking up a storm and I hope he appreciates it. Old man has said 'thank you ' already but demanding for food as soon as he saw the pots sizzling away. His future wife just must know how to cook.

Senior boy has started piano lessons in school which is good. He seems to enjoy it and he likes Mr. Taiwo the music teacher. He says he wants to learn the drums too.My friend Tani's son too is keen about drums and we are thinking of buying a drum set. The cheapest in the market is 36 grand and we are not sure we want to spend so much on an instrument. what if they lose interest? who will house the drums? are we ready for the noise from the rehearsals. We decided a cheaper and better option is to find someone with a drums set who is willing to teach children under 4 years old. We are still looking.

I had to go to Ilorin during the week and even though I spent just a night at home I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish we could all go and live there permanently. DB is ok and we didn't have any of our fights. Someone is getting more matured I must say. We had a nice mother daugther chat and we agreed on every issue. I'm so proud of myself.

Our nanny says she is leaving. I was disappointed but she can go if she likes. My boys will never 'leave'. I asked her these morning what time she will be going and she said she will be staying another week. I'm already looking for replacement. The boys will miss her cos she is good with them but life goes on. And like my mum will say with each passing day the Boys are growing older and less dependent on a Nanny. Its all a matter of time.

My sista and her family are moving to the US next month. Her hubby has done nothing but complain for the 2 years plus they lived in the UK. He is finally going back to his US of A. Packing is in progress and I wish I could just go and see her before they go. Any one with a free return ticket to London wondering what to do with it?


Work is ok. New challenges everyday and I'm loving it. I love work yes o I'm one of them. Abuja office will be opened in a couple of days and excitement is in the air. I'm having major issues with some of the staff but nothing we cant work out.

I have decided to go back to school full time in 4 years time. Its crazy but yes its all part of the big picture and Nonesuch having it all campaign.I'll fill you guys in as the plans unfold.

Thinking of how to make some extra money on the side. any ideas?

This will be all for now. Dh's flight will be arriving soon. I don't want to keep him waiting.

My friend as a bun in the oven. She about 5 weeks gone. I'm so excited for her. The Baby is due in July and I so want the baby to share my birthday. Two of my friends have had their babies on my birthday and another a day after.I'm already putting together a care pack which I'm sending to Kaduna on Monday. I'm so happy for her.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Can a Woman have it all....?

I woke up this morning angry,( I went to bed angry by the way). My anger was fuelled by the fact that the singular most important man in my life( there are many important men in my life) could just not read the handwriting on the wall.The details of which are irrelevant to this post. I make it a point to strike when the iron is hot cos by nature once that moment is lost and I'm no longer fuming it is gone. I can not hold malice or bear a grudge; ask me a week or a couple of hours after the occurrence and i might not be able to tell what it was that set me off even when I'm hurting badly ( but I'm becoming a a fast learner which is bad).
I said my piece in anger and stormed out of the room to carry on with other chores.

As I rode to work all I could think of how 'marginalised' i felt and at what point will enough be enough especially when the other person doesn't seem to take you seriously. I thought of all the married women I knew my mother inclusive and all the 'issues' they all seem to have. I also reflected on the ones in public life, the Okonjo Iweala, Dora Nafadac, Oby etc etc etc and wondered what 'breed' their men were. What issues do they have to grapple with? Are they really happy or is it all a facade? Do they really have it all? By that I mean, successful marriage, careers and good children? Cos for me success in one and not the other isn't it. You have to have it all. i dont agree with that saying that as a woman you have to make a choice career or marriage. That all bullsht. I also don't agree a woman who can be working and making a difference or be an employer of labour should just stay home and take care of the children even though I agree its a lot of hard work.I asked myself, Can a woman have it all? Can Nonesuch have it all?

I got to the office and met a few of my colleagues ( all women ) having a chat. We were all married and I don't need to tell you what the hot topic of debate was. Uzo*'s marriage will be 30 years in December and Dupe* has being juggling all the balls for 13 years. Mo* and I have being married for 5 years. And from all that i gathered we all had issues, insecurities, and a desire for more.We also wanted to know if a woman can have it all. Uzo who has being at it for longer is more cynical. She is of the opinion that you cannot change a man and all you need to do is accept him the way he is and love him for who he is. Let me quote her, ' all those women you see are they really married? Most of them are just co habiting' that was her response to the women who appear to have it all. Dupe told a story of a classmate of hers who made a First Class Distinction about 20 years ago and whose husband says she couldn't go for a Masters Degree, let alone work. Bear in mind that women are about 48% of our population o. Isn't it foolish to make this percentage redundant like some would like?Dupe's is very unhappy and bitter but her children tell her not to worry they will make her proud by aspiring for all she wanted and more. African women just know how to take it in their strides and keep up appearances.Mo talked about a friend's mum who went back to school in her 40s and who is a Professor now.She married a man 20 year older than her. At the time he was busy building his career she was home having children. Now is old with Prostrate issues she is going after her dreams. ( that is almost funny) I know so many old miserable men with wives all over the world pursuing a careers in old age or taking care of their grandchildren while Baba has Okon the cook to keep him company. We went on and on and we didn't agree on anything but the fact that we all love our men. This Love they say is the reason we forgive and look the other way even when we know we deserve better. This love is why we are most times willing to help nurture and fulfill his dreams and aspiration when he doesn't even have a clue what your best food is or what shoe size you wear or understand why you so want to get another degree.This Love is why we get knocked up and start having children and put our careers on hold when he goes abroad for an MBA ( women have done that since forever and some are still doing it in the 21st century) even when our fathers are disappointed wondering what bug bit his daughter. This love is why you face VI traffic everyday, get home tired but still get into the kitchen to cook for him but he comes home and all he notices is that you smell of egusi.

The conversation was cut short when I had to go and attend to some issues and as I was going back to my desk a senior colleague from the office next door asked if I was free to attend an event with her.I accepted even though in my head I was wondering what did I just get myself into. I have a 1,001 chores to do and 1,002 people to see. But little did i know that I had an appointment with destiny ,luck whatever you might call it.My appointment was Ibukun Awosika even though i have know her for about 4 plus years now she was saying something I needed to hear. I was at the event for about 15 mins but it was worth every second. She talked to me directly and I'm glad I listened.

I know now without a D.O.U.B.T in my mind that a woman can have it all. Nobody said it will be easy but yes it is achievable. She is an example that you can do it all. I'm not going to settle for less. I'm NOT giving up on my Oyo man he will read and comprehend that which is written on the wall. Maybe he needs a dictionary or a thesaurus or a language instructor but he will read and understand. And at the end of the day it will be worth all the sacrifices and the 'scars' in my heart will all be part of the success story.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Update and What's a Mum to do ?

Senior Boy was 4 on Saturday and he asked for a Bicycle in a roundabout way. He asked, Mummy can you buy a bicycle? Like he will ask if I could jump or something. If my answer was Yes I can then He would have asked me to buy one to prove that I could indeed buy a Bicycle.I wonder whose side of the family he got that from. Anyways I was going to bite the bait. I answered No and that ended the conversation.

His Dad however without talking to me about it bought 2 shiny bicycles for the boys on Saturday. I wasn't even home when the bicycles arrived so imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw Senior Boy peddling away and Old man trying to get an hang of peddling. I glad Senior Boy got his birthday wish but which one is Old man's own? But if we wanted Senior Boy to enjoy his bike and we don't want a War to start in the house Old man had to get a bike. He is that bad and yes we need to deal with it. Sharing is still very alien to his vocabulary. Daddy is their number one hero now cos he got them the Bikes when Mummy said no. I'm jealous of the boys cos all they need to do is ask and they receive. I have to do more than drop hints atimes and I still get nothing.

Senior Boy is back in school and I think i have a crisis in my hands. All he wants to do after school is watch cartoon all evening. Bed time is messy affair with tears and fake ailments suddenly striking him and all sorts of drama. It was so bad yesternite that I had to withdraw watching TV during school nights.( i just turned into my Mum) No more TV during school night. He is allowed to play outside and ride his bike on the' concrete garden'( what do u call ur backyard that is all cemented and has little shrubs growing from pots?) but bed time is still 7.30pm so he has 15 mins for his tears and drama and he can finally be asleep at 8.00pm. We didn't have issues about going to bed before the holidays and I guess as he grows older and becomes more vocal he is beginning to question me and I really must not lose grounds. The battle ahead is for the strong men.

Old man is still very cooperative and understands and follows the simple of instruction of time to kiss Mummy Goodnight and go to bed. I 'm dreading the days when he will begin to question his bedtimes but before then I need to get it right with Senior Boy. Like they say if the 1st is on the right path it easier to get the rest of the crew on that same path.

We talked about it last night and Senior Boy know no more Ben 10, Kim Possible, Samuri Jack,Kids Next Door, Robot Boy and American Dragon on a school night. Weekends I also intend to restrict. What activities ( that does not involve me commuting to and from Lagos traffic) can u get a 4 year old engaged with aside school lessons? Any ideas?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Happy Birthday My Darling

My baby is FOUR years old today and I'm on top of the world. Senior boy is my 1st child and 1st son and cos of my position in the extended family he is the 1st Great Grandchild of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. My maternal Grandmother who raised me ( yes o I be village chick) died a couple of days after I found out I was pregnant.I cried more from the thot that she will never get to hold my child after all her prayers were answered NONE of us will have to deal with infertility.( story for another day)

The pregnancy was pure bliss and everybody was carrying the baby with me. My Dad almost became a permanent fixture in our house.Showing up in Lagos at the drop of a hat and reporting back to my Mum every thing he noticed. She is not gaining weight , the tummy isn't big,she is overworking herself, her feet seem swollen, she should be due by now. The craziness went on and on and believe it they were with DH on the phone all through the delivery. Senior Boy gave his grand entrance at 3.25am turned my life around. I have experienced all extremes of emotions in the past 4 years. Love unstoppable, Fear indescribable,Joy Unfounded,and the pain and the tears but through it all I couldn't have asked for a better you. You are just right for me.

The tribe celebrated his birth is so many ways. My parents had a party even before the naming. The Patriarch sent 40 tubers of yam from 3 states away for the Naming. DH was embarrassed by the way my folks took over the whole show. I'm sure he is used to our Drama and execessiveness now after 5 years and 2 namings.

Right from then I knew without a doubt that you are destined from GREATNESS. You brought with you immerse goodwill and favour for the family. You are loved and adored by many. You have growth is amazing your vocabulary is rather colourful. Your love for music is inspiring and the way you love me is like no one else.You talk so much its irritating but who is complaining I haven't stopped talking too.

Even though these are still the early days I 'm proud of your achievements. I remember the 1st time you counted to 10. Now you can do much more than that. You are so bright and excited about learning I'm comforted that all the sacrifices is worth it. You are a natural leader and you love your brother even when Old man makes it hard for you to love him.( Like when he wants to play with your toys or when I insist you let him have the toys so he doesn't have a fit) I remember you asking me is everything for Old man now? Are you asking me to give him so he wont cry? You will fight for him and you defend him fiercely even when he has made you cry.

My son, my heir I'm proud of you . I thank God for your life. I ask the most Benevolent to give me all I need to raise you to be the man you have being created to be. Love you my Senior Boy. i don't know it all and believe me I wish there was a Manual but I'm willing to learn and hope that I don't make so many mistakes. I hope you never have any doubts about my love and devotion to you.I'm so looking forward to the teenage years with fear and trembling.

Happy Birthday my boy and Yes I can buy a bicycle but I wont.

Thursday, 13 September 2007


'Never ever write a letter (in this case a post) whenever you are angry , sad, happy, or in love.' wise words from Abuja Walkabout.

So I'm not going to write about what happened yesterday.

Its enough to say it was an anticlimax.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

5 years and Counting

Today its 5 years that I said, I do. I remember how we meet and the whirlwind romance.I remember asking you that morning minutes before we walked into the Registry if you were sure you wanted to go ahead with the wedding. It is a big bold decision I said and I will understand if you if we should wait awhile.You assured me I need not fear, that I was more than enough for you. You couldn't have made a better choice you said.

I wanted a small quite wedding with just a couple of witnesses from both sides. I remember you were so not convinced that we were going to get our wish. My Aunt had an ace up her sleeve. How could I be getting married without a reception,cakes and dancing. One after the other her friends and family showed up at the Registry is Purple gele. After the vows were said she announced that was going to be a reception at the Restaurant near by. We were shocked beyond words and could not comprehend what part of small and quite my folks didn't understand. The reception was grand and there was Cake and dancing and my Flo J's Hubby (then Boyfriend) recited a beautiful poem in our honor.

We couldn't have asked for a better wedding day.

Five years and 2 boys after I thank God I made the choice to marry you. This is not to say we don't have our drama. ( we have enough to last 2 lifetimes) But through it all your Love and Respect has never being in question. ( OK may be a couple of times) You have supported and helped nurture my hopes and my dreams. (even if i dont acknowledge your contributions loud enough) You have being a stabilising factor to my hot head. You love me unconditionally and most importantly you hold no grudge.Even when the 'storms' of live come raging , threatening to consume us, I never lost faith in your God given ability to get us to the promise land.
We are not at the destination yet but I know we will get there. (Though battered and bruised yet never giving up knowing all that we experience are together making us better)

For the gift of loving me unconditionally I say thank you. For the Boys( Senior Boy and Old Man) who make my life complete and makes all the sacrifices worthwhile I will forever be grateful. For the insight you give to my worrying heart and the words you use to express my unfounded fears. For cheering me on in the race of life and helping me build 'this house' brick after brick.For constantly telling me what will worrying do?, whats the worse that can happen?, why do you like chasing shadows, why must you always have a Plan ? I wish to hate you.
For loving the Boys more than me ,I'm' jealous'.For loving your Mum the way you do, I reassured. For letting me make my own mistakes and not saying I told you so ,I'm glad( cos I cant resist gloating) For not being the R in Romance and not making an effort most time I want to scream URRRGHHH!!!!!

Even as we look forward to the next 5 years I wish above all things that it will be well with you. That you will make more efforts on the little things that count. That you will reach out for more because you have all you need to live a life of SIGNIFICANCE cos that what really matters.I wish that you will listen to me more and realise that 'I'm always right'. That you will fulfill purpose. That you will be willing to hear me talk even if you just want to roll over and sleep. More than anything else that we will be united in discipline when the boys are concerned and that you will stay and help me nurture and watch them grow.

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Question Meme

I copied this from Princesa's blog and the questions got me thinking. Lets go
  1. I am..... a goal getter
  2. My ex boyfriend was....' too good to be true'
  3. Maybe I should......have another baby
  4. I love.... food, books and TV
  5. I don't understand..... homosexuality, suicide ,terrorism
  6. I lost my....innocence. ( don't trust anybody)
  7. My current boyfriend is......my husband
  8. People say I'm .... s strong woman
  9. Love is .....selfless and unconditional
  10. Somewhere, someone is.... making a difference
  11. I will always ....love food
  12. Forever is .....scary
  13. I never want to ..... be unable to figure a way out
  14. I think the current President is .... just there( I still cant figure him out)
  15. When I wake up in the morning ....I want to go right back to sleep
  16. Life is full of....uncertainties
  17. My past is ......a closed book
  18. I get annoyed when.... people don't take me seriously
  19. Parties are for...eating and meeting people
  20. Girls are.... the best
  21. Sex is..... 'life changing' and loads of responsibilities ( though over rated)
  22. I wish... I didn't have to worry about money
  23. Tomorrow I'm going to .....drag DH school shopping
  24. I really want some .... more money
  25. I have no tolerance for people who ......are lazy, self absorbed and who don't listen
  26. I am not ..... petty
  27. If I had a million dollars.....I would buy a patent off an inventor and hire a financial consultant so I don't ever go broke
  28. My job makes me....wish for more and wonder how can I make a difference?

Monday, 3 September 2007

Ilorin Afonja !!

I was born in Lagos but I grew up in Ilorin. I love that town. I was there again several weekends ago and I fell in love with it all over again. Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State for those who don't know.The people are mostly Yoruba who can trace their roots to Oyo Alafin. We also have the Fulanis who are direct descendants of the Uthman Dan Fodio I guess. There was a War several centuries ago and somehow the Gambaris became the Ruling class and till date we have Emirs in Ilorin as against Oba in most Yoruba speaking town in the South West of Nigeria. The Gambaris are still the Royal Family. We large family. I remember Zulait Gambari from Primary school. I wonder where she is now?!

I love Ilorin for so many reasons. Let me count the ways ( that sounds like one of those cards my Aunt used to get from her husband (then boyfriend) some 15 years ago. That guy was the R in Romantic.
  • Life in Ilorin is very peaceful. Despite the fact that over 90% of the indigene are Muslims there has being very very few religious schisms in Ilorin.
  • The people are very accommodating. More than 80% of the work force in most parastal and business are non indigenes (Kogi, and other States) esp in the University though this is beginning to change. More and more Ilorin are now in the elms of affairs.
  • There are very good schools in Ilorin USS , The adorable,FGC Ilorin, Adesoye College in neighbouring Offa to mention just a few. The old students are all over the world making waves. Stand up to be counted.
  • The University of Ilorin is one of the best 2nd generation Universities in Nigeria at the moment. The community is a very vibrant one and there was a time the MBA was hot cake. MBA from Unilorin was like LBS then. Work in progress to revamp its old glory.
  • There are 2 major roads in the town IBRAHIM TAIWO and MURITALA MUHAMMED Roads. Once you enter town through Gari Alimi you join upper end of Taiwo Road all the way to the Lower end which links you to Emir's road or the Station(The Railway Station in the good old days) while Station burst out to Muritala Muhammed Road. Unity Road now Wahab Folawiyo Road links Taiwo Road with Muritala Muhammed road. Its so funny. you can link everywhere once you are on either of this roads. So u can ever get lost.
  • Ilorin is very clean and tidy. There are no litter on the road. Little or no Pollution apart from Asa Dam area where we have the Industrial areas.
  • Food is relatively cheap and affordable.When I'm in town I go on a shopping spree my Mum can't stop wondering.
  • There is no traffic in Ilorin
  • Ilorin is a safe and nice place to raise children.Morals are still very high and the it takes a village to raise a child is still very real there
  • They have a 'good' University Teaching Hospital with one of the best pool of Naija's medical professionals. I will still go there to see my dentist Dr Parakoyi (where in the world is Ajibola Parakoyi? I know Martin is a Doctor in UITH)
  • There is a' good' bookshop in Ilorin Lara Bookshop has being around forever and Challenge Bookshop also has a good mix.
  • There is this local food joint on the Mini Campus of Unilorin OPC that has the best Tuwo Shinkafa and nice curly black ponmo soaked in stew.... you should try it
  • We now have 3 Mr Biggs outlet in Ilorin which is Mega if you ask me before we had Friends, Peacocks( they still have the best Meat pie in the world if you ask me) Royals, Rushmeals etc
  • We have nice hair salons and good hair stylist that can give Bobby Eke a run for his money. Robert of Funbert and the girls at JMK are just superb
  • Ilorin has an International Airport. I remember flying from Ilorin to connect flight in Lagos to London and back when I was younger. Pilgrims are still being air lifted there every year
  • Ilorin Lawyers are sound and hawt. Laolu Alli SAN, Wole Olanipekun SAN, Bayo Ojo SAN, Awomolo SAN,and those on the Bench are smoking Isa Ayo Salami, Sade Ojo, Fabiyi Oyeyipo etc etc
  • Ilorin Township Stadium is beautiful. We have an Olympic size swimming pool.Remember The Akinremi gals, Bisi Afolabi?
  • Growing up in Ilorin was so much fun and i cherish the memories
Even though I'm not from Ilorin, I feel every bit like an indigene and I'm proud to from Ilorin Afonja and yes 'mouth' is sure sweeter than honey.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Once Upon a Time...

I got home early yesterday and so got to spend some quality time with the boys. Senior Boy was his usual chatty self, we looked through his book did his number lesson and then I asked him to tell me a story.....

Story Story story Once upon a time time time there was a cat on the road and a bird was flying to America. The cat was crying like a baby. Then the sheep ran away and he was hungry. he wanted to eat.He went to his house to make food for him and his children.A pig came again to eat with them.The daddy caught the pig and ate the pig and his food. The pig now died and he now came out of the daddy 's neck. His children was looking .the bird came to fly on the television and the television break.The sheep's daddy's children wanted to watch cartoon network and Aunt Mary will not allow them to watch because she is watching film and they took light. The Daddy ate many food, potatoes, chips, rice,coconut,yam,chocolate and he gave his many children. The pig came back and he was happy to eat.Then the pig's daddy and mummy and the small baby went to London.That is the end of the story.

I cant say i understand the story but hey he has an active mind. We just have to channel it in the right direction. Maybe one day he will win the
Orange Prize or produce an award winning play. Laspapi watch out.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Old Man


My Baby was 2 years on Saturday and this post is about him. He is such a darling even if I say so myself. His pregnancy was unlike the 1st one. I was very emotional , always tried and very angry at the world.DH always kept a safe distance and was careful what he said to me cos you never know what will trigger my 'verbal diarrhoea and anger fits'. I knew he was going to be another boy and I was praying for a daugther. Then i got into a state of paranoia what if the baby comes out with both sexes? I would rather have an healthy baby even though I so wanted a daugther.
I had gone for my ante natal classes and was on my way home when I asked the driver to take me to the shops. I needed to do some last minutes shopping for the baby bag. I remember telling him this baby might just come sooner than I expect and I want to be prepared. I went into Labour while shopping.He took me home and I calmly packed my bag and waited for DH to get back from work.
I told him i was in Labour and we need to start going to the hospital. I will rather get there and wait than start looking for security men to open the gates in the middle of the night. The Doctors confirmed I was indeed in labour and yours truly calculated baby should be here about 4am going by my 1st experience. I was so very wrong.Old man had his own agenda. He came about 20 hours later with a loud cry. Then we went home and we were back again cos he had Jaundice which I had and his broda had and my next baby most likely will have at birth( that is if i have another one)

After the experience at the ICU and sleeping on the uncomfortable chair and worrying about the 2 mothers in my house and my Senior boy( I wasn't the one on admission so no bed for me) I came home and i became over protective of Old man. No one was allowed to carry him not alone bathe him. The mothers were told to fuss over Senior boy and let us be. I remember sitting for hours on end watching him sleep. I went back to paid employment when he was 7 months. He stays at home with the ever changing streams of Nannies. We have one now who he is particularly fond of( lets pray she stays). Even though he is 2 now i still don't see a reason to rush him off to school, creche or playgroup whatever they call it. He still mumbles a lot of gibberish but i understand him . I love the way his face lits up when i walk into the room. I love the way he staggers and sways when he walks hence the nickname old man. I love the fact that he can eat and feed himself. He loves food and its embarrassing when we go out but i love him that way. I love the wet kisses he showers on my face when I get back from work and the way he holds my face and cuddles up with me. I love his giggle and the mischief in his eyes. I love the fact that you are very loving and expressive.They all call you Mummy's boy but I you are your own man. Mummy cant hold you down and i never will.
He is very strong willed and independent and I know the years are ahead will have its challenges but I know through it all we will come out tops. Happy birthday my darling Oko mama e.

Friday, 24 August 2007


Thank God its Friday. This week has so many ups and downs. Let me start with work.

  • The 6 guys from SA are back to base. Thank God that is over. We hope to see them again soon
  • A colleague and friend(i told him he doesn't qualify to be referred to as a friend an more) resigned. What i find painful is we talked about him leaving b4 and he promised he will let me know if and when he would be leaving. But he didn't even say a word to me. I'm still reeling from the after effect of the news.
  • The rumour mill is overflowing with his resignation. I need to motivate the people and keep their eyes on the ball. We have to stay focused. Why? Adi thanks for the perfect timing'
  • My boss is on her annual vac and that means so many things. work is lighter, people are more laid back and I have to be on the red alert at all times. Spoke with her this morning and she doesn't seem to be having fun. She needs to rest though cos when she gets back we are rolling out big time. Abuja hia we come.
  • I need 3 days casual leave. I just don't see how I can get that with the boss absent and Adi horrible attitude since he decided to resign. He is still hia for a month technically but I wish we could just tell him go but that will be so wrong.
Home Front (Definitely Up)
  • My baby will be 2 tomorrow. He has suddenly become very vocal over night. I'm so happy. He lights up my world.
  • Big Broda is counting the days till its September 22 when it will be his birthday too.
  • So many ups in this aspect of my life. Thank God for my family
  • Spoke with Dad also.
  • A friend is back after about a month vacation abroad. She called and sent a text to say she is back but I don't want to be her 'friend' again. I know its sounds crazy but that how I feel really. Friendship with her is so very tasking and uphill. She literally drains me. i didn't pick the call and I didn't reply the text. The usual me way of dealing with people ....Avoid the person for as long as you possibly can instead of facing the issue and talking about it. Maybe if u stay away for long the issue will go away or become resolved. Well that never happens but if She remembers my boys' birthday tomorrow then she might be worth another chance.I say that cos she is the kind of person who will send u text messages like...'can a mother ever forget her suckling child? even if she did God will never forget us .You forgot ur daugther Kemi's birthday today' Yes she did send me that exact text message when i didn't call 1st thing on her son's birthday.I forgot cos I was travelling and had a flight to catch and I was going to as soon as I landed but her text message got to me b4 I got round to calling.I didn't bother calling or replying her text by the way.
This is too long a post and I'm just rambling. See you guys tomorrow. I need to do a post for my baby tomorrow.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Long weekend is over

The next day was sunday and i had to catch the 8.00am flight back to Lagos. It was indeed a very long weekend and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Later in the afternoon the Groom's family will be hosting the last event which is a Luncheon welcoming the Bride to the family.

This kind of wraps up the wedding post.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Monday Meme

What were you doing 10 years ago?

studying to be a Lawyer and I guess sitting at home wondering when one of those strikes will end so i can get back to school, away from the neverending household chores.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

visiting my sista with the boys on hoilday. Story for another post.

Five Snacks you enjoy

sandwiches again

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics

none i'm very crappy with songs. i love music but i just dont hear the lyrics and i always put in my own words.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

Give loads to charity
travel the world
set up trust fund for the boys
build a nice small house
own a farm
invest in stocks

Five bad habits

lazy lazy
telling people what to do
spending a tard too much on 'nothings'

Five things you like doing

talking with friends
surfing the net

Five things i would never wear

mini skirt
knee length leather boots
shorts or knickers whatever u call them

Five Favourite toys

my cell phone
my diary

Friday, 10 August 2007

The Dinner and The Wedding Night

I guess I should just post the concluding part of the wedding . The day after the Kai Amariya is the dinner party. The morning is spent in the couple's house with the bride and her friends helping her to play hostess as people troop in to view the house. Every guest who comes in is given a tour of the house. The have to see every room and corner of the house. Some even test the wedding bed for firmness. That was so hilarious as it was the older women who were doing this. The Bride's Step Mum sent food early in the morning. The Ango(Groom)'s sister ( by the way he has 13 sisters) also sent enough food to feed an Army.

I decided it was time for me to see a little of Kaduna. I called up Ahmed(we were in Law School together) who knew I would be in town if we could meet. I saw him last exactly Four years 10 days ago(don't ask me but Ahmed remembered) that was during our call to Bar ceremony in Abuja. We have however kept in touch through the telephone. We have shared news and victories and sadness and anxiety over the past 4 years so it was indeed very good to see him again. We almost lost him to sickle cell crisis in January by Thanks be to Allah he pulled through.Glory be to God in the highest.

I also wanted to see my In Laws in Kuru Masi. My broda is married to a Yoruba girl who lived all her life in Kaduna. Her parents still live there. It was an opportunity to see them and say hello.Ahmed arrived and he couldn't come into the house as he is male and not family and the Groom isn't in.Married women are not suppose to be receiving male guest when hubby isnt home. I think it just reasonable. we had to sit in his car and play catch up. We had so much to talk about.He was now working after about 3 years of searching for the right job(his health was a major factor to consider). He suggested he drive me to see my in laws and off we went. They were glad to see me. Apparently their daugther told them i would be in town, the old man said i would be too busy to stop by to say hello but the mother was sure i would come even if it was briefly. I was glad i stopped by.

Back in the house another drama was unfolding. Patience who was suppose to help the bride with household chores was suppose to come over and assist because now it was a full house .People were coming in thier hundreds. Amariya was informed reliably that Patience just had a baby 2 weeks ago. That could not be possible. She had being on the Bride's payroll since January She came in begging and saying she will bring her sista as a replacement. That was just so messy anyway She settled for the sister.

Ango I guess just couldnt bear to be away from his Bride. He stopped by briefly to say hello to his wife. His sistas would not allow him enter but he insisted that he had a right to go into his house. He came in said his hello and off he was again.

Then it was time to start getting ready for the Dinner party. We were all decked up in our best attires. The Groom came to pick the Bride and I up and off we were to the venue. The hall was transformed with lights and all the trimmings. Holy Mallam was the MC/Comedian. We were ushered in dancing to Sunny Nneji's Oruka. Food was fabulous. I saw a couple of old friends from Law School. Ahmed couldn't come though cos he has to rest. Then the best part of the Dinner.....Dancing

The band was from Abuja. The singing was beautiful and your truly danced the night away. I had so much fun it was unbelievable. I didnt stop dancing till the Band switched off and called it a day. That was at about 2am. Then we went home to get my bags as I was being officially kicked out. Tonite is the night He will make her his woman.

I have to stop now. I will conclude this in the next post I promise