Thursday, 21 June 2007

My Lord Bishop

'Top of the morning'... I can still hear him calling out loudly from the balcony at Ebenezer Lodge to the man across the road. That usually is the call u here every morning till about mid day. My earliest memories of this man was when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I remember him coming around to see my broda and I at our Grandma's place. He was always a delight to be with. He would bring us candies and fruits and all sorts. I horned my letter writing skills while writing him letter whenever someone was travelling and would be seeing him. he always replied my letters and he would write about the highlights of his life in the village after retirement.

My Lord Bishop was a man of many parts and he meant different things to different people. He however was well loved. To his children, he was a very very strict father whose love for them knew no bounds. he was selfless in giving and was always ready to listen and help out. To the church were he spend most of his life serving he was a servant indeed and an instrument of truth reconciliation. To the members of the family at large he was a unifying force, a stabilising factor, a rallying point, the bond of unity. To all his son in laws he was a father and a friend, a mentor and a brother beyond measure. To his grandchildren he was an epitome of love, a patriarch to be proud of, a legend and a wonder. To his great grandchildren who yet do not understand why his head was bald, the tales of his glorious live they will all hear and wonder what manner of man he was.

I was asked to write a tribute for you as part of the programme for your burial but i just couldn't bring myself to write it. I guess I'm writing it now and posting it on this blog for the whole world to see. one of your greatest wish in life was to see me get called to bar. Thank God you lived long enough to see it happen. I remember you never called me by my name ever since the minute I got into Uni to study Law. you referred to me as 'My learned Granddaughter' and I in turn will call you 'My Beloved Grandpa' and that was what you were 'Beloved'. We all loved you. I remember also when I had my first son your 1st great grand child. you were beyond yourself with joy telling all who cared to listen that the Good Lord has indeed showed you grace and mercies for allowing you to see the birth of the boy. Indeed you were ready to meet your Lord and Saviour after you held the boy in your hands and prayed. You lived a fulfilled life for that and other mercies I praise God.

Even as we beginning the ceremonies tomorrow I pray that you will be with us in spirit that your memory will continue to grow in our hearts. Amen

Monday, 18 June 2007

To call or not to Call

I'm in a fix.I don't know what to do. Arabs test result will be out on Wednesday. Going from my conversations with him Ii don't see him not getting in to the school. But the skeptic in me want to be doubly sure. I called the school last week Friday and I was told result will be out on Wednesday. Then comes the big question to call or not to call? I want to call up favours form people who I know are close to memebers of the Board of Trustee . One of them my 'in law'( he comes from the same place as hubby) and his wife is a much older friend and sister. I have picked up the phone several times since Friday to call him but each time I don't call.why ?

I want to know if the boy can get in by himself. I don't want to start calling favours this early in his life and i feel its wrong deep down though very deep down, but the other part of me says I should call and ensure that he gets in. Its the right thing to do. What if I wait till Wednesday and his name is not on the list and then its too late to call up favours. Its never too late to make the call.
Should I or Should I not.

Friday, 15 June 2007


Well , the plan was that BL(my hubby) will take Arabs for his exam but he got a call late Tuesday that we was getting audience with an elusive GM who he has being hoping to see for over a year now so there was no cancelling the appointment he had to go.It then fell on my laps to go with him for the exam. i woke up earlier than usual to get ready and at about 4.45am my phone rang. It was one of my colleagues in the office telling me she will be coming in late cos she had some domestic issues. It immediately dawned on me I could go with Arabs because she was the one suppose to hold fort for me while i was away. I was so upset i shed a few tears.
Thank God for Brodas. I called my broda who reassured me that he will be at my place at 9.00am to ensure Arabs got to the school on time.God bless u Broda that all i can say.

BL went for his meeting and he has mixed feeling about it. we are keeping our fingers crossed on that one and we believe God for the best. Arabs had fun and he made friends such that the next day he wanted to go to the new school and not his old school. The results will be out next week Wednesday. I can hardly wait.

Thank God for Olohuniyo (she is the subject of another post) She has really being a strong support since the Felicia the last nanny left. I'm looking for another one cos once the strike is over she s going back to school.
I'm tired and hungry I'm off to grab a bite. I will do an interesting post tomorrow.

Monday, 11 June 2007

School Shooping

My 3 year old has an 'exam ' on Wednesday and I'm so anxious you will think I'm the one sitting for my bar exams. To be honest i wasn't even this scared when i was writing my Bar exam. I knew the odds were i pass or fail. My son is trying to get into Nursery 2. The exam is going to be written. He is expected to be able to write his numbers and identify and say the phonics. I have my knickers in a twist cos i don't even know the phonics and u should hear me try to tutor the boy and he is the one correcting me.
His Dad thinks he will be fine but i cant stop worrying. Wat if he just decides to cry when we drop him off or he refuses to write even though he knows what to write. I'm already going crazy with the wat ifs. we are suppose to drop him at 10am and then pick him at 1pm. he will be accessed will interacting with his peers so its not exam exam like that but its still a test. I really want my son to get into the school. we should have applied for him last year then it would have being an oral thing but somehow i didn't get round to applying coupled with the fact that i thot the age for entry is 4 years.It was when we got there earlier in the year that we realised they take them at age 3.
I got him a tutor to help coach him with writing and phonics. She came highly recommended in the neighbourhood and she wasn't that expensive. She came in on Saturday and the following conversation ensure between Mrs O and Araba

Nonesuch: Araba wont you say Good Afternoon to Mrs O

Araba: Good Afternoon

Mrs O: How are you? I see you are going out.

Araba: Yes to a birthday party

Mrs O: Have you done your Homework?

Araba: Yes I have done it

Mrs O: You have wat?(she is suggesting that he made a grammatical error)

Araba: Yes I have done it.

Mrs O: No!!! You have do it!

You should have seen the shock on my face. This is the person who is suppose to be coaching my darling Araba for this major exam of his life. What do I do now? I just paid her for the month and with me there are no free lunch but i cant bear to think of the 'rubbish' she will be teaching my son. About a week or so i noticed the boy has being shooting serious arrows. The other day he told me mummy i have ated my food. See wat Mrs O is doing to my Guy. I am praying seriously that he doesn't that kind of grammar on Wednesday o. what do i do.
I have told him he will be going to a bigger school and he will be wearing his new spider man tee shirt and that I will be there to pick him in the afternoon.
I know he will be ok by i cant help worrying. I guess that is what mothers do.

Thursday, 7 June 2007


Lets me see 7 weirds things about me....
  1. I don't drive and I'm not planning on learning anytime soon but I'm so good with directions and roads you will think i drive.
  2. I cant swim. My Dad once signed us up for lessons way back in the days but my Mum didn't allow us go for a single lesson.
  3. I like to go through people's bins. i know it sounds really crazy but i just take a peep inside and if i find a stick that i can run through, i just stir and turn and look closely. I learn a lot about people that way and you will be shocked at what u can uncover just looking into people's bin
  4. i have an overactive imagination.My hubby thinks i should put it to good use by becoming a writer. We will see about that cos one of my life ambitions is to write a book. i just put two and two together and i get 6 but most times I'm right on spot.
  5. i know so much about my family members both dead and alive. I know so many family secrets. . I guess cos I'm easy to talk to and i LISTEN a lot
  6. I'm a selfless giver. Even if i say so myself. My hubby usually is puzzled when i start but those who have known me forever(family and friends) just look on and say nothing.
  7. I always have a Plan B and C and D. I have a MAJOR issue with letting go and letting God. I have to be in control. I'm a control freak.
I could go on buy i will stop now.

Friday, 1 June 2007


I promised myself i will blog as often as I can and I intend to keep this promise. I hate making promises cos then i will have to do that which I said I will do. and for someone as impulsive as moi that can be hard very hard indeed.

My brother has being away fro about 3 weeks now with his wife. She went for training and he just tagged along.(its cool to work for yourself no one dictates when you go on leave or vacation). I have really missed them both since they left. I almost didn't believe it self. My broda and I are kind of close. He was named on the day I clocked One. For a couple of days every year we are actually the same age. he was born on the 2nd and I on the 8th of the same month.
We grew up having the same friends and running the hood together. I was very tomboyish back in the days. The craze then in our hood was Chopper Bikes and all the guys had it. My dad bought us one and we would enter into racing competition with the boys in the hood. Those days were fun crazy fun.I loved growing up in a small town. There were no traffic, we all went to same school, our folks knew each other, it was all good.

My broda lived with me before he got married and we had so many fights but in all of it we got closer. Even though I don't tell you often I love you and I miss you and I closing early today so food will be waiting for you guys when u get back. I also sent the cleaning lady to clean your place but I want you to spend the night with us. Your old room is ready. Bon voyage.

PS: I have 2 brodas by the way and I love them both. The other one will be subject of another post. He is our baby.