Monday, 18 June 2007

To call or not to Call

I'm in a fix.I don't know what to do. Arabs test result will be out on Wednesday. Going from my conversations with him Ii don't see him not getting in to the school. But the skeptic in me want to be doubly sure. I called the school last week Friday and I was told result will be out on Wednesday. Then comes the big question to call or not to call? I want to call up favours form people who I know are close to memebers of the Board of Trustee . One of them my 'in law'( he comes from the same place as hubby) and his wife is a much older friend and sister. I have picked up the phone several times since Friday to call him but each time I don't call.why ?

I want to know if the boy can get in by himself. I don't want to start calling favours this early in his life and i feel its wrong deep down though very deep down, but the other part of me says I should call and ensure that he gets in. Its the right thing to do. What if I wait till Wednesday and his name is not on the list and then its too late to call up favours. Its never too late to make the call.
Should I or Should I not.

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