Monday, 11 June 2007

School Shooping

My 3 year old has an 'exam ' on Wednesday and I'm so anxious you will think I'm the one sitting for my bar exams. To be honest i wasn't even this scared when i was writing my Bar exam. I knew the odds were i pass or fail. My son is trying to get into Nursery 2. The exam is going to be written. He is expected to be able to write his numbers and identify and say the phonics. I have my knickers in a twist cos i don't even know the phonics and u should hear me try to tutor the boy and he is the one correcting me.
His Dad thinks he will be fine but i cant stop worrying. Wat if he just decides to cry when we drop him off or he refuses to write even though he knows what to write. I'm already going crazy with the wat ifs. we are suppose to drop him at 10am and then pick him at 1pm. he will be accessed will interacting with his peers so its not exam exam like that but its still a test. I really want my son to get into the school. we should have applied for him last year then it would have being an oral thing but somehow i didn't get round to applying coupled with the fact that i thot the age for entry is 4 years.It was when we got there earlier in the year that we realised they take them at age 3.
I got him a tutor to help coach him with writing and phonics. She came highly recommended in the neighbourhood and she wasn't that expensive. She came in on Saturday and the following conversation ensure between Mrs O and Araba

Nonesuch: Araba wont you say Good Afternoon to Mrs O

Araba: Good Afternoon

Mrs O: How are you? I see you are going out.

Araba: Yes to a birthday party

Mrs O: Have you done your Homework?

Araba: Yes I have done it

Mrs O: You have wat?(she is suggesting that he made a grammatical error)

Araba: Yes I have done it.

Mrs O: No!!! You have do it!

You should have seen the shock on my face. This is the person who is suppose to be coaching my darling Araba for this major exam of his life. What do I do now? I just paid her for the month and with me there are no free lunch but i cant bear to think of the 'rubbish' she will be teaching my son. About a week or so i noticed the boy has being shooting serious arrows. The other day he told me mummy i have ated my food. See wat Mrs O is doing to my Guy. I am praying seriously that he doesn't that kind of grammar on Wednesday o. what do i do.
I have told him he will be going to a bigger school and he will be wearing his new spider man tee shirt and that I will be there to pick him in the afternoon.
I know he will be ok by i cant help worrying. I guess that is what mothers do.


aloted said...

Just stumbled on ur blog now....Nice.

Which kind of teacher is that??!!! So did she stay for the month?

Anyway I know now you are waiting for your son's result and i believe that he will do well...He will be fine...Am sure he is a lot smarter than u think :)

Lets know how it goes

Nonesuch said...

@aloted Thanks jare. I guess you are right about Araba. The result will be out on wednesday i can't guys will be the first to hear aside his father i guess.

kulutempa said...

lol...are you serious about that tutor?? and you continued to let her talk to your son - you strong o! one or two insults would have had to escape my mouth, were it I! therapy's good. thanks for stopping by!

Nonesuch said...

@ Kulutempa yes o. i guess the prude in me wants her to work for the money i have paid her but seriously i'm just waiting for the results for the school test he went for then i can say bye to Mrs O.Thanks for stopping by 2.