Friday, 1 June 2007


I promised myself i will blog as often as I can and I intend to keep this promise. I hate making promises cos then i will have to do that which I said I will do. and for someone as impulsive as moi that can be hard very hard indeed.

My brother has being away fro about 3 weeks now with his wife. She went for training and he just tagged along.(its cool to work for yourself no one dictates when you go on leave or vacation). I have really missed them both since they left. I almost didn't believe it self. My broda and I are kind of close. He was named on the day I clocked One. For a couple of days every year we are actually the same age. he was born on the 2nd and I on the 8th of the same month.
We grew up having the same friends and running the hood together. I was very tomboyish back in the days. The craze then in our hood was Chopper Bikes and all the guys had it. My dad bought us one and we would enter into racing competition with the boys in the hood. Those days were fun crazy fun.I loved growing up in a small town. There were no traffic, we all went to same school, our folks knew each other, it was all good.

My broda lived with me before he got married and we had so many fights but in all of it we got closer. Even though I don't tell you often I love you and I miss you and I closing early today so food will be waiting for you guys when u get back. I also sent the cleaning lady to clean your place but I want you to spend the night with us. Your old room is ready. Bon voyage.

PS: I have 2 brodas by the way and I love them both. The other one will be subject of another post. He is our baby.

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