Thursday, 7 June 2007


Lets me see 7 weirds things about me....
  1. I don't drive and I'm not planning on learning anytime soon but I'm so good with directions and roads you will think i drive.
  2. I cant swim. My Dad once signed us up for lessons way back in the days but my Mum didn't allow us go for a single lesson.
  3. I like to go through people's bins. i know it sounds really crazy but i just take a peep inside and if i find a stick that i can run through, i just stir and turn and look closely. I learn a lot about people that way and you will be shocked at what u can uncover just looking into people's bin
  4. i have an overactive imagination.My hubby thinks i should put it to good use by becoming a writer. We will see about that cos one of my life ambitions is to write a book. i just put two and two together and i get 6 but most times I'm right on spot.
  5. i know so much about my family members both dead and alive. I know so many family secrets. . I guess cos I'm easy to talk to and i LISTEN a lot
  6. I'm a selfless giver. Even if i say so myself. My hubby usually is puzzled when i start but those who have known me forever(family and friends) just look on and say nothing.
  7. I always have a Plan B and C and D. I have a MAJOR issue with letting go and letting God. I have to be in control. I'm a control freak.
I could go on buy i will stop now.


Ejura said...

Hmm, look inside bins? I'll pass.
You're really a combination. What's up with ya? Have you heard about blogville idol competition yet?

BlogVille Idols said...


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Mandy Brown-Ojugbana said...

Just fell on your blog luv it.I am always tempted to have a look in people skips the much huger versions of bins but embarrasment stops me most of the time :)

boorish male said...

You go through bins? Lol!
Now that is a classic....

Nonesuch said...

@ejura i have heard about the blogville idol. i wont be singing but i will vote. All the best to the contestants.

@Mandy Brown-ojugbana Thank you for the compliment. I'm following the journey closely and I cant wait for the next part. I hope you are settling down ok in Lagos. Regards to Mr T and the Children

@Boorish Male lol too. Crazy abi but you should try it.

Mrs Somebody said...

looking into folks dustbins? eeeewwwwww!!!!