Thursday, 27 November 2008

Always Sisters

This post is dedicated to my Sista. I was going to do a post last year for her birthday but I never got round to doing it. Last year November I was doing daily or almost daily Post on the many things I was Thankful for. I wonder what happened this year. Today is Thanksgiving Day and today my Sister is a year older. Happy Birthday Sista.

My Sista is my best mate. Even though we are several hundreds of thousand miles apart from each other we communicate everyday. Our spouses allow us have our space and try not to figure out the 'fights' and the arguments we seem to have every now and then. I guess they just spice up the relationship. My Sista and I were in Uni together and we lived together for 2 years before she left school. Our roomies also learnt very early to stay clear of our heated arguments on all things from money( I was always borrowing and not returning at agreed terms or time) , clothes, food, boys, friends, or whose turn it was to make hot cocoa for the three blind mice( Shout out to all D43 roomies) for as the arguments started so did it always fizzle out. She has on many occasion said to people, don't forget she is my Sista anyway...

My Sista is a good woman, a loving mother and wife and a WWTBP(Writer Waiting To Be Published)

For as long as I can remember my Sista has been writing. She has nothing published yet but that doesn't mean she is not good at it. She is work in progress and she keeps getting better everyday.She just needs to keep at it. Meeting Christain Writer over summer was a good experience for her. We still keep referring to the meeting and conversations anytime we talk about writing.I have watched her set writing goals for herself. She is more determined to meet those goals and set bigger ones. She is currently doing an internship and constantly seeking experiences that will improve her writing. I just would like to re-affirm my total commitment to reading everything you write. I also will always be there to chat and talk on the phone about competitions and all sorts. I pledge my allegiance to this writing mission and I know there will be a paragraph with my name on the acknowledgement page some day soon.

Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving.

Lets sing that our song again... Always Sisters , Always Friends. Lets Stay real close to the end. Loving each other... Always Sisters , Always Friends.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Which Way Nigeria?

In a couple of minutes it will be 1st October . Nigeria would have gained independence from the British colonial masters for 48 years. I don't want to begin to go into the details of all that isn't working. What worries me is the way in which we all are part of the problem in tiny aspects of our lives.We are all reflecting the decay in our very fibre as human beings. The fact that we all pretend not to see the log in our eyes while we try to point out the speck in other people's eyes.

Yardua isn't acting fast enough for us all. We all complain about what other people need to be doing differently but never once acknowledge the role we play in all of this.The situation is getting worse by the day and instead of addressing the issues we develop coping mechanisms. When we started having problems with power supply. We pretended it wasn't our issue. We all bought generators. We even had fancy names for them 'I better pass my neighbour'. That very name itself shows how shallow we all are. The noise pollution and the air pollution affects us all not just your neighbour dud!

Sadly we also don't have statistics to show how many lives we have lost to carbon fumes from these generators. I know of a colleague whose cousin, a lawyer in his mid 30s died earlier this year from fumes from his generator which he chained to the balcony of his flat.

The roads are becoming death traps. Pot holes both natural ( due to wear and tear and poor maintenance culture) and man made( these are very popular in Lagos. ) what did we do as Nigerians? We started buying 4wds. We even have hummers in the streets of Lagos. Some households have more than one Jeep.Check out Lekki environs in the rainy season where you need to literally swim out of your house to get to work. I would suggest that we start buying boats and canoes to navigate the murky flood waters of Lekki in the next rainy season instead or DEMANDING that the canals be cleared and those who have built on the waterways be penalised and have their buildings removed. (PS: The flood is not limited to Lekki alone)

The standards of education also started falling. The Universities were mostly on strike in my days ( I spent 10 years from getting in to the university and getting called to Bar . I know what I'm talking about and my Father couldn't afford to send me or any of my siblings to UK or US from his Lecturer job. Why? His take home couldn't take him home. ASUU lol)

We decided to have private schools for all levels. We now have private universities that are run like personal empires with all sort of rules and regulations. All you need to set up a school in Lagos is a fancy building and some name dropping. This brings me to the crux of this post.

The PTA at my son's school was on Saturday. I'm a very new parent in the school, just about 3 weeks old. I had noticed earlier that there were flyers and posters with names of candidates displayed on the Notice Board. It reminded me of my days in Awo Hall. I wondered why all that was necessary for PTA Election at a Primary School. I was reliably informed by an older parent that the PTA Elections were usually a big deal with manifestos and campaigns. I was excited and determined to experience the whole shebang by attending the meeting. I didn't know any of the contestants. I was going to make my mind up based on what they would say to us at the meeting.

I got to the meeting late but thankfully the many agenda of the day was not yet on the table. We had the audited account of the previous administration. That received a lot of comments but all that was neither here nor there. Then the Excos stepped down and the Electoral Committee took stage. They introduced the candidates. Most of the offices were uncontested or one of the other candidates stepped down for the more popular candidate. The only office contested then was that of the Chairman of the PTA. We had the good fortune of having 2 lawyers who claimed to be friends and have worked together in the same Law Office before each going on to other things contesting for the Chairmmanship position. One was a more popular candidate and obviously was tipped to win the election.

We listened to both speak to us for about 3 minutes each. Both had 'good' ideas but they have to focus on improving the PTA and the BOM (Board of Management) relationship so they can achieve all the lofty goals. BOM( Board of Management the school is a trust school) need to trust the PTA. The PTA and the BOM apparently have a strained relationship.

The drama began when it was announced that voting will be by secret ballot instead of open ballot by show of hand as stated in the constitution. In fact on of the candidates said his 1st assignment would be to amend the constitution in retrospect so the election we would be conducting that afternoon would be valid. I found that very strange thankfully I wasn't alone. Objections were raised as to why we should be considering having a secret ballot when the Constitution was clear about the way to vote.

All sort of reason were given the most interesting of them all was ,'so we do not cause bad blood, the contestants are all our friends and we don't want them knowing I voted for one instead of the other. There are people who don't want them to know who they voted for. Its in the interest of our children'

I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. what bad blood? what gossips? what are these people going on about? Are we not supposed to be voting for the Chairman of PTA at a primary school. Why do we do these things? If at that level in a school hall on a Saturday afternoon people were ready to influence the votes and bend the rules because we can't just be honest and do the right thing? They were going to break the law abuse our constitution at the PTA because of sentimental rubbish. The said things like The Law is made for man and not Man for the Law.

I expressed my views howbeit on top of my voice as it was almost impossible to get a chance to speak if you were not supporting the secret ballot. I also encouraged those around me to speak up and call that we boycott the voting if we were not going to do the right thing. The Lady sitting beside me a new parent also was convinced secret ballot was what the constitution said and not show of hand . I explained to her it was the other way round. She immediately joined in the shout calling for an open ballot as stated in the constitution. Needless to say we got our wish and the election was by show of hand.

After the elections we all stood outside in groups discussing all that transpired. I explained to those who cared to listen that if the General Assembly didn't want open ballot anymore we could as well amend the Constitution. We didn't have to have the election that Saturday. We could call for a referendum ammending the Constitution and have our election on some other day if that is what we wanted.We just need to as a people begin to do the right thing and not what is convenient. We need to realise that our decision all the time affects every other person. If we at our local PTA do not do the right thing what do we expect from other Nigerians in elected offices State or Federal Level after all they are members of some PTA .

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sibling Rivalry

My family isn't a very large one. I'm the eldset of 4. I have a sista and 2 brodas. We all love each. We are all unique but there is a common thread that runs in the weave of all of us. We say it as we see it. We are all very stubborn and we all have a very good sense of humour. We also always support each other. Our spouses try not to get involved in our 'fights' cos they all tend to end like it started. The few minutes of anger has so much fury that an outsider would be shocked and marvel at the intensity. Those moments are the opportunities you have to say it as you really feel.

Our parents have always allowed us to speak freely. The Freedom of Speech has always being in use in our home. If you don't one the other person to know what you think just keep quite. If you say anything to my Mum in confidence just know that my Dad will hear and my Sista across the Atlantic will also hear and then they will all had their thoughts and opinions. The revamped version will get back to you either by Yahoo IM or by text message or a phone chat.We are all in each others business.

My post is not about rivalry amongst the four of us but I needed to lay that foundation. This is not to say we don't have our 'fights' and 'arguments' about the most mundae of issues to the more serious ones like who is favoured most by our parents and who seems to have it easy and who is just not doing what they ought to be doing. These hopefully will be subjects of subsequent post in the not to near future.

Our extended family is also a very close knit one. The fact that my Dad is an only child of his Mama does not mean we don't have Uncles and Aunties and all manners of relationship with people that the EnglishLanguage has no word to define. My Mother also comes from a strong family of women who have married mostly within the clan and so our relations span across the length and breath of three or more communities, 2 LGA and 2 States.

My mum called me yesterday to say One of my Uncles lets call him Fineboy ( he is a fine boy by the way) called her at the crack of dawn saying his wife Aunt Virtuous Woman( She is a very good wife and mother) will be arriving in a couple of days . The issue however is he thinks she might be coming to end the Marriage. Now that is strange because I know the 2 of them are completed devoted to each other and they have 2 sons. Uncle Fineboy moved back to Naija full time about a 18 months ago. He is doing quite well and plan have already being set in motion for Aunt VW to relocate back too. The truth is Uncle Fineboy spends more time in UK than in Naija. He has one of his older brothers managing the business and he comes in and out for extended visits to see how things are going and all.

The gist is Uncle Fineboy's younger sista Playerhater ( I cant think of a more appropriate name) told Aunt VW that Uncle Fineboy has being philandering ever since he touched down in Naija. She paints a picture of a man with a mission to sow as much wild oats as can cover the fields of Lagos if Lagos was a big farm land. The irony is Playerhater is not in Naija. I wonder who and how she gets her information. Aunt VW seems to believe her and is really very upset. Initially i wondered why will she believe Playerhater who is not in Naija? But then Playerhater is his Sister. Why will she be lying?

What bugs me is even if its true i.e Fineboy is hoping around like a bee in a field of lilies should the Sister be the bearer of such news. If she was really concerned about her brother and all is this the best approach? What will be her 'joy' or great achievement if Aunt VW sues for big D on grounds of .... and there is a dissolution of the marriage How does she explain to her nephews I fueled the breakup of your parents. I just don't get it. Is she just a meddlesome interloper, a jealous siblings or a plain old fool who doesn't think before she speaks or acts.

The good news however is all the forces are at work to mediate between the couple and iron out the creases. I pray the both look deep inside them and focus on the good they have together. Uncle Fineboy should also work hard at reassuring Aunt VW so she is not easily swanned by these kinds of talk in the future. I know its hard especially when its the Sista feeding you with information .

I try to imagine what we would do if it was one of my siblings. If one of my broda was Uncle Fineboy and was alleged to be philandering. The spouse will the last to hear and he would really be in for I can just imagine the calls and the arguments and the fights that will go on. I don't think the any of my siblings will talk to the spouse first without having tried to sort out the issue amongst ourselves 1st. That I think is a better approach.

My Mum nicely summed it up with a Yoruba proverbs. Eyin kule lota wa, ile na seni gbe (Loosely translated to mean: The enemy is within)

What do you guys think of Playerhater?

Monday, 8 September 2008

Finally , an Update

I just received a 'order' from Christain Writer asking me to update my blog and that is what I will do.

Just got back from a 3 day strategic rethreat from the office. It was very fruitful meeting. We had Leke Alder facilitate the meetings. The man is very deep and we all left the Resort knowing that we have the power within us really to be all that we want to be an more.

On the last day of the retreat we had a poem writing competition and I won the price . Find below my winning entry:

It's a new day, a new beginning
Dreams yet unfulfilled bursting out to the brim
The heart is full of hope, at what tomorrow will bring
The road ahead yet untravelled,with hope we will travail
And at the end rejoice, for at least we will join
Those who seek and find.
Guidance comes from above, to see us through it all
If only to him we bow
It's a new day, the beginning of new things.

Written by Oludeester September 2008

I was made to read it again at the end of the all the presentation and I felt very good.

We also finally got audited at the beginning of September. We operate under the ISO:15189. The standards are clear and you are either conforming with the SOPs or you are not. It was a gruelling 2 days audit and at the end of the day we passed. We have been recommended for continued accreditation. Its a really BIG DEAL cos that is our X-factor.

Needless to say the obvious work is going on well. The part that I would however not like to belabour were the trials before the audit and the grey clouds that almost consumed me. I was so depressed I didn't want to get out of bed. I just wanted to walk away from it all. But then a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta to do. I'm happy with work and all the positive things the future will bring.

The Boys

School started today.We got in to the school of our choice. The summer holiday was long and seems there was no end in sight. It was hard keeping them busy. They had fun at Terrakulture learning Yoruba. Yes I joined the Facebook Group I want my child to speak my native language.

Senior Boy also started learning French and Oldman just wants to play. Oldman was 3 in August and Senior Boy cant wait to be 5. He wants all his favourite Cartoon Network characters on his Cake. We will see about that.

There is so much I want to write about but I'm chatting with my Sista who has moved back to the US and she needs my undivided attention.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Coming Soon!!!

Apologies for the long absence. No interesting reason. I will be back soon.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Professor Jadesola Akande

Rest in peace.

I remember those days in The University of Ibadan. Wandering the campus with my over sized glasses and my ankara tops. I was always in the Faculty of Arts hanging at the court yard listening to people talk and reading the notice boards. I made so many friends in that Faculty some who are still in my life today.
Sometimes I wish I had the courage to change from Law to Dramatic Art or something that 'ridiculous' or maybe Psychology or even drop out of school completely. I guess we would never know how that would have turned out.

During one of my numerous visit to the courtyard I read a notice about a talk at the Institute of African Studies if I can remember correctly and amongst the numerous speakers were 2 women who I admire greatly Professors Bolanle Awe and Jadesola Akande. I dragged my BBF Joc along to the event. Joc wasn't 'crazy' ( she had her head in her books) like me but would readily follow me to any of such symposiums, poetry reading, or seminars as long as there was food. I remember how we would go to the conference center on campus and seat listening to long talks which had no meaning or relevance to our Law of Torts or Jurisprudence just so we can have a drink and just hang around 'intellectuals'.Those days were fun.( This was before wind of fellowships blew and it was almost impossible to get away from any activity that wasn't church related. Story for another post)

I love life on campus. I had dreams yet unfulfilled. I could see myself be all that I want to be and much more. I look at these women and I knew I just had to reach out and grab it. I once took a job on campus doing research work for one of my Lecturers. I had to read loads and loads of books. I read so much about Prof Jadesola Akande and her late Husband Debo Akande. I would pause and wonder what the conversation would be like at the dinner table? How their children would relate to them? Both of them so brilliant in their own right. I have read s many interviews about about them and it was clear that she indeed knew how to juggle the many 'balls' we have to juggle as women and through it all never lost her sense of purpose.

She was very passionate about the falling standard of education. She was a disciplinarian. She was all to many. I remember my last encounter with her was at a talk she gave at the Lady Kofo Abayomi Hall in UI. I was in my final year and Joc and I went to listen to her speak in between lectures. She was talking about empowering the girl child and the pro life choices. She also talked about the importance of sex education. She told us she was constantly learning new things. She was learning to use the computer so she doesn't become outdated. I still have pictures from that event. It was the International Women's day.

She was at the event held in Lagos to celebrate Chief Gani Fawehinmi's 70th Birthday. To learn of her death in her sleep is shocking! I screamed in pain when I saw the Newspapers. I regret never walking up to her to say how much I admire her. I regret never going to the Onikan address of the NGO to see and volunteer like I wanted to so many times.

The lesson is clear there is no time like the present. Why leave till tomorrow what you can do today.

More than ever before I know now I have to set forth at dawn if I want to get to my destination. The road is long and the journey hard but then the race is not to the swift.

Rest in peace.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The 300m Scam.

For some crazy reason I actually think Prof Adenike Grange is innocent. I wont say she is naive and was set up but she should know better. She did a honourable thing resigning (we all know that is not a naija thing to do. Etteh and co) She also takes the 'responsibility and not the blame’ (sounds like Akon abi) its all semantics if you ask me.

But some things are true. She is a Professor of Pediatrics and the President of the International Body of Pediatrician. I have 2 children under 5 and I know how ‘difficult’ that aspect of medicine is compared to O& G or Community Health. Next to Neuro Surgeon they are the crème la crème of Medical Professions if you ask me.( I hope I don’t start a war)

She has also taught for several years in the University. I know about 10 of her ex students and a few of her colleagues in LUTH and they are all unanimous in their feeling that the story just doesn’t add up. She didn’t run of to Cuba like the Senate Committee on Health Chairman. She is facing it squarely and boldly. I don’t think she is guilty. She is not running which means she has nothing to hide. I will like to believe though that if she was guilty she will be trying as hard

The Federal Ministry of Health is very big. I would reckon there would be several snail speed bureaucratic processes for getting things done. She has just being there barely a year. How much could she have known in the short period? People will only tell you what they think you need to know. They never tell you what you need to know. She has never served in Public office and all her experience really is with dealing with children in her work as a Pediatrician and in the Private sector. She was working with some International Agency on Vaccines I think before she was appointed Minister of Health.

I strongly believe Ignorantia juris non excusat but then its still early days of the arraignment. I think keeping her in custody is unnecessary and she should be granted bail. This is the Naija of Alams,Ibori, Abacha and in most recent past Obasanjo( Checkout the Power sector probe going on). She should be brought to justice if she is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. I hope for her sake that she walks away. I'm sure she is asking herself if the past 9 months was necessary.

She probably did more as a private citizen than as the Health Minister. I respect those who are not career politicians. Men and women who actually go into elective offices because the want a change and not business and usual. I will recommend getting in early so you don't get blown away by the several human and political landmines. If you really cant swim with the sharks in the deep blue ocean, stay on the beach and resist the urge to get lured in.

London Buki

This Post is dedicated to London Buki- A daugther in a million.

I dont know you but I admire your DEVOTION. I read your Mummy Mondays and prayed along with you like many others that one day Mama Buki will dance with you. She is dancing now you know to that heavenly music. The chorus of Alleluyahs the never ending singing and dancing. She is in no more pain.

You loved her unconditionally. You did the best you could for her. I'm proud of you.

I pray that you will find peace and comfort even in the mist of the pain. Peace like a river will flow over your soul. I pray that help will come when you need it. May your seed call you Blessed.

If I ever have a daugther May she love me like you loved your Mother. May I also be to her what your Mother was to you and more.

Mama Buki, Iya oninu re. Sun re o.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Valentine Blues

This is not an account of my Valentine's day, mine was not as eventful. What you are about to read happened to 3 of my colleagues in the office. Lets call them Ade, Lade and Bade. The morning started with me teasing everyone who dares to come to work with a hint of red- red shirt or blouse or tie or lip gloss and you automatically became the butt of our jokes.Such was the gay mood in the office. The MD couldnt help joining in when she demanded for a piece of the cake and chocolates from the single girls in the office wondering why we having being getting any delivery all day.

Work ended at 5pm as usual and the Three Musketeers -They joined the company the same day,went through induction and orientation together and even though one is a scientist, the other in Accounts and the third in Client services their friendship blossomed. They decided since they had no dates they could as well try and have some fun. They went to a 'Joint' to have Fish Peppersoup and enjoy each others company before heading home seperately.

They left the office a few minutes after 5pm got to the Joint about past 6pm.Placed their orders and gisted away while waiting for the Fish delicacy to arrive.

Time Check 7.30pm

In zooms in the men in black aka policemen. The arrested the 3 Musketeers and all the people present at the Jiont including a pregnant woman frying Dundun( Yam Chips) by the road side. Ade and Lade jumped into the Police van without asking questions. Their hearts in their mouth wondering what their fate will be. Bade dared to ask what their offence was , why they were being arrested. She also wanted to know where they were taking them to. All reasonable questions you would think but all she got was a threat she would get shot if she didnt 'cooperate' The other two begged her to get into the Van and avoid trouble.

They took them to the Police Station and they were ordered to remove their shoes, drop their phones and get into the cell. They immediately started making frantic calls to their family, friends and enemies. Thank God they had people who could come to their aid. They were promptly released after a few 'greens' exchanged hands.

Why the Arrest?

We later gathered that there was a Robbery incident in that area the day before so they were 'suspects' and 'husslers'.

The Policemen while carrying out the arrest kept joking amongs themselves saying from Valentine to cell. The Three Musketeers couldnot laugh at that moment but could not stop laughing at work the next day.

I still can not wrap my head round how 3 young ladies chilling at a joint at 7.30pm on St. Valetine's night suddenly transformed into 'robbery suspects' and 'husslers'

How was your Val?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Dont have a Title

Reading through the comments from my last post just made me realise how uniquely different we all are. We see things differently and interpret things differently . For instance my last post Better Late than Never(Click the link or just scroll down..yes down..that is it) 5 comments already and no 2 commenst are alike. For the love of me is wondering why someone will choice Better Late than Never as a wedding toast. She is a Wedding/Event Planner so its understandable that she is wondering. Nyemoni sends best wishes about work. Read her blog and you will realise she is work person too.Whatever that means. 36 is back but mad at all the 'Valentinoes'. Rethots was a bit philosophical which I like. By the way I studied Philosophy for a year in Univeristy before going for Law. With hindsight I think I should have completed that course. I meet some wonderful people in that class.Where in the world is Elumaro. Solomonsydelle who is all things Maternal and more wants more details about my Showdown with my Mummy.

The comments just helped me realise how different we are and why one should always listen to the other side. No thats not what I wanted to say. I meant why Effective Communication is the Bedrock of every successful it mother and daughter,husband and wife,employee and employer,colleagues at work,friends and family, boyfriend and girlfriends. That is it. Communication is all we have. Are you saying what you mean? Is the other person listening? Does he hear what you are saying? Does he understnad it? Omo it all boils down to Communication.

So my Mum who is so many things to all of us in the extended family. She is the 1st child of our Patriarch and so they all look up to her. She married an only Child my Dad. She and Maami were like mother and daughter... no that is the wrong analogy cos she doesnt have that kind of relationship with my sista or I. They were quite close and the success of the union not to down play what they feel and still feel for each other was due to the unwavering support my Granny gave my Mum. My Mum could never do wrong. She was always right in her Mother in law's eyes. Many people naturally assumed her MIL was her Mother. She lost her own Mother when she was barely 18. She tells everyone who cares to listen she doubts if her mother would have supported her like her MIL did.How many of us can say we have that kind of relationship with our MILs? My Mum could say that.

Growing up in that kind of home where love and support were not restricted to a few due to circumsatnces of birth or marrriage. I expected a GREAT deal of support from my Mum. However I never get what I want or rather as much support as I want from my Mum. I usually wont complain because I have come to realise that somethings dont change. My Mum is who she is. A miracle is not on my prayer list. We love her all the same but she just isnt the regular Mum. Think of anything that a Regular Naija Mum in her late 50s will do and my Mum is very likely to be doing the exact opposite. She is different. She is beautiful she knows it and she rocks.

Wth age however I expect that she will be more receptive to my 'needs'. I'm a Daddy's gal any day. Mum was in Lagos for a burial. She however came in a week before the burial so she has time to rest ,recover from the 4 plus hour trip from Ilorin,see her Grandchildren, catch up with her Sista (who she speaks to eveyday), generally get ready for the burial. She didnt stay at my place. She always stays at her Sista's place cos she doesnt want to be too much of a burden to us. We appreciate that a lot. Besides when we go to work who will take care of her.My Mum is a Diva.I dont have the headache of wondering what she will eat or drink.

To be contiuned.

I have to go now. Tomorrow is Val and I havent bought Dh a card.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Better Late Than Never....

I can't seem to think of a better title for this post. I can almost not believe I posted last about a month ago. The title of the post however bring memories of some of the crazy fun we had growing up in my perculairly unique family. We have this tremendous ability to laugh at ourselves and find humour where others seek 'spiritual interventions'. Everything or rather almost everything is a joke.

One of my Mum's cousins, lets call him Uncle Jay was finally getting married. He was getting married late (by my family standard). I guess he was in his mid 30s.Late is anything from 25 for the women folks and 30 for the male. We are crazy like that. My Dad married my Mum when he was 26 and she was 25. I have Aunts who married at 21 and 23 and most of the guys married on or before their 30th. I got married 27 and they were already wondering what the problem was cos then 23 year old sista was already looking forward to her 2nd wedding anniversary. This is not to say we dont have a few unmarried Aunts and Uncles but then I would have to think really hard. One more weird fact about my folks we like to keep it in the family i.e within the tribe. I hope this doesnt start a war and horrible comments form Anons o.
I must say this in defence of my family though that our Patriarch dated and almost married an Irish Lady who till today is in touch with the family. Why he didnt marry ? You dont want to know.

Back to Uncle Jay. his wedding invitation card had a Toast;'Better Late than Never..... I honestly can't remeber the rest of theToast but that sure got us cracking and crying and rolling on the floor holding our bellies from laughing too hard. Till today several years after you sure can get a good laugh when you say that phrase, 'Better Late than Never' to any of my folks.

So much has happened while I was away. 36 said goodbye. I hope she finds love and happiness and come back to blogville do a post and make all the Anons crazy. Its Lent and I miss Taureanminx. Will she ever come back?
Let me just stick to my normal way of update after a long absence.


All is well at work or is it? In the past weeks I have had series of emotions about my work and my worth in the labour market. I have felt like resigning and just start selling eggs.I have felt like going back to school to get another degree. That I knew I couldnot do immediately cos I dont have the fees. I already said 4 years time. I wonder how I came up with 4 years sha. My best buddy is going back to school for her LLM this September so that kind of got me thinking about school again and unachieved goals and time lines.
I have also wondered what I have against the Banking sector. Why I havent ever thot of getting a job as a Banker?( I was very broke then and all I could think of was the Fat salaries of Bankers)
I also thought of dusting my wig and gown. Join a Law firm and start practising. But then I realsied all I'm doing now is preparing me for that later cos Law I'm coming back at you.

I also got an offer from my former boss who wants me to come back. That was very tempting I must say but will throw me off tangent again. I decided to see him and we talked and we didnt really agree but then he is suppose to call me back. I'm still waiting.

I finally got confirmed at the office. I got the letter with mixed feelings and all. So many things were begiining to get at me. I usually do not complain. I like to just do my best and hope to be rewarded somehow along the line. For about 2 weeks I just didnt feel like getting up from bed and going to work. I needed a break and I wanted out. I didnt blog about it cos I know it was a temporary thing. Also I love my job.
I'm feeling a lot better about work now. My options are still opened though.

The Boys are doing great.Oldman now goes to Nursery with Senior Boy which is fun. Senior Boy is living up to his Big broda status. He is always looking out for his 'aburo ' which is good. Oldman loves it in Nursery and sings lots of Rhymes for us now. He likes his Teacher and his Spiderman Lunch box.
Senior Boy however has a major assessment in a couple of weeks. He was Four last September so he qualifies to go to The School. I 'm getting all worked up already but I choose to be positive through it all.

This post is gettig too long. I will contiune the update in my next post.
Coming attraction: Show down with my Mum and other tales.
To Solomonsydelle, Kemimamalopes,36,For the Love of me , you asked for it now you have it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

2008 : New Beginnings

Happy New year!!!!!!!

Finally after procrastinating forever i get to sit down and write. Kudos to all the writers in the house I don't know how you'll do it. I have so many times posted in my head but that was were they stated, in my head.

The children are back after 2 weeks holiday in Ilorin with my folks. The plan was to spend Christmas in Jos with my Folks. Stuffs happen and my Dad is back in Ilorin earlier than we thought he would be. That mean the Jos trip was no longer happening. I come from a family of travellers so some suggested going to Calabar especially since DH was working there for a client who is a major sponsor of all the events and carnivals and all. My Dad already had commitments in the Village and he wasn't too keen on shelving that for Calabar. My Mum was ready to spend the holiday anywhere her children would be.My broda and his wife were not keen on going anywhere else but Jos. My broda can be that dogmatic. Jos is out of the picture lets go elsewhere he says No, how i wish we were going to Jos. Later I realised Jos was a detour to Kaduna where his In Laws live.
Several phone calls and text messages after we realised we all wanted Jos and since it wasn't happening we will all do our thing. The boys left for Ilorin on the 19th and that mean they will be there till after Christmas or possibly New Year if we didn't arrange for them to come back.My broda and his wife spent theirs in the Surulere abode. Dh spent his in Calabar working. I spent mine alone at home wondering why the house suddenly feels so big and empty.Dad spent his on the road to Abuja where he went to take delivery of his latest baby( He is a car freak.)

The children had so much fun in Ilorin. They came back looking fresh and lovely. They were threated like Royalty. I kept calling every hour on the hour. My Mummy had to tell me my constant calling was becoming very irritating. They Nanny went with them and when they got back she point out to be rather nicely at about 1pm in the afternoon that if they were in Ilorin the boys would have has 3 meals and a snack. No wonder they added weight. Even Senior boy who is so fussy with food didn't complain about the Pounded Yam for Lunch daily regime.

DH and I went to get them and though we spent only the night it was good to be home.


Its a new year and I'm so full of hope. Old man is starting play school . He is so excited about it. His voice is more audible now and he is fast becoming a chatterbox like Senior Boy. We also have won the potty training battle. He only wears diapers to bed. Senior Boy doesn't even bed wet again. Its like a miracle what 2 weeks in Ilorin can do.Thanks Mum for your Midas touch.

Its 5 years since I lost my Grandma. We miss her daily. I love you Maami. Rest in peace.

Max and her family are settling down in the states. She is ringing up all the Jemiseye Adetunmbi 's descendants and calling to get the download on each of them. How i happen to know so much about all of them(extended family) I wonder at times.

Work is crazy as usual. The Abuja office will be officially launched on the 14Th of January. This year we will grow and reach greater height. We expect to make our presence felt in the market place.

My former Boss is calling me. He wants a meeting. I will like to hear him out and see what we can do together. All in all it promises to be a good year career wise.

Weight loss is still an uphill battle. I gave up on my diet last year( yes I was on a diet) This year I have resolve to always take cooked meal to work. So far I have been successful doing that. But i still crave the sandwiches,salads and stuffs. I have reduced my consumption of fizzy drinks especially Coca Cola, the real thing.

I'm getting tired and i need to raise my blood sugar. i will go grab some fruits.