Tuesday, 8 January 2008

2008 : New Beginnings

Happy New year!!!!!!!

Finally after procrastinating forever i get to sit down and write. Kudos to all the writers in the house I don't know how you'll do it. I have so many times posted in my head but that was were they stated, in my head.

The children are back after 2 weeks holiday in Ilorin with my folks. The plan was to spend Christmas in Jos with my Folks. Stuffs happen and my Dad is back in Ilorin earlier than we thought he would be. That mean the Jos trip was no longer happening. I come from a family of travellers so some suggested going to Calabar especially since DH was working there for a client who is a major sponsor of all the events and carnivals and all. My Dad already had commitments in the Village and he wasn't too keen on shelving that for Calabar. My Mum was ready to spend the holiday anywhere her children would be.My broda and his wife were not keen on going anywhere else but Jos. My broda can be that dogmatic. Jos is out of the picture lets go elsewhere he says No, how i wish we were going to Jos. Later I realised Jos was a detour to Kaduna where his In Laws live.
Several phone calls and text messages after we realised we all wanted Jos and since it wasn't happening we will all do our thing. The boys left for Ilorin on the 19th and that mean they will be there till after Christmas or possibly New Year if we didn't arrange for them to come back.My broda and his wife spent theirs in the Surulere abode. Dh spent his in Calabar working. I spent mine alone at home wondering why the house suddenly feels so big and empty.Dad spent his on the road to Abuja where he went to take delivery of his latest baby( He is a car freak.)

The children had so much fun in Ilorin. They came back looking fresh and lovely. They were threated like Royalty. I kept calling every hour on the hour. My Mummy had to tell me my constant calling was becoming very irritating. They Nanny went with them and when they got back she point out to be rather nicely at about 1pm in the afternoon that if they were in Ilorin the boys would have has 3 meals and a snack. No wonder they added weight. Even Senior boy who is so fussy with food didn't complain about the Pounded Yam for Lunch daily regime.

DH and I went to get them and though we spent only the night it was good to be home.


Its a new year and I'm so full of hope. Old man is starting play school . He is so excited about it. His voice is more audible now and he is fast becoming a chatterbox like Senior Boy. We also have won the potty training battle. He only wears diapers to bed. Senior Boy doesn't even bed wet again. Its like a miracle what 2 weeks in Ilorin can do.Thanks Mum for your Midas touch.

Its 5 years since I lost my Grandma. We miss her daily. I love you Maami. Rest in peace.

Max and her family are settling down in the states. She is ringing up all the Jemiseye Adetunmbi 's descendants and calling to get the download on each of them. How i happen to know so much about all of them(extended family) I wonder at times.

Work is crazy as usual. The Abuja office will be officially launched on the 14Th of January. This year we will grow and reach greater height. We expect to make our presence felt in the market place.

My former Boss is calling me. He wants a meeting. I will like to hear him out and see what we can do together. All in all it promises to be a good year career wise.

Weight loss is still an uphill battle. I gave up on my diet last year( yes I was on a diet) This year I have resolve to always take cooked meal to work. So far I have been successful doing that. But i still crave the sandwiches,salads and stuffs. I have reduced my consumption of fizzy drinks especially Coca Cola, the real thing.

I'm getting tired and i need to raise my blood sugar. i will go grab some fruits.


Uzo said...

Happy New Year and welcome back to blogging oh....

Nonesuch said...

@ Uzo Thank you. Happy New year to you too.

ababoypart2 said...

Happy New Year. Have a great year, and God bless...Lovely post

30+ said...

Happy New Year.

As per the weight loss thing, it's part and parcel of most ladies/women so just start again.

Nyemoni said...

LOL..Just wanted to wish you a happy new year dear! Take care!

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year Girl. U should have gone to Calabar. It was great FUN! LOL!!


happy new year, actually i have seen u this havent i?? hope d boys got their smarties!!1 hows my bro? behaving i hope!! lol.

Anu boy said...

haooy new year, first time here.... i see you guys all had fun during the holidays, anyways, will be back more often...

have a lovely one...

princesa said...

Happy new year to you!
All the best.

Nonesuch said...

@ Ababoypart2 Thanks . Happy New Year to you too.

@30+ I guess so . I really miss those days of eating like a 'horse' and looking like 'slim shady'

@Nyemoni Happy New year to you too. All the best with the 'hunt'

@Calabar gal I know. Next year is a date. Thanks for stopping by.

@ 36 yeah! they got it( even though i ate quite a bit before i got home) and they are saying Thank you.

@anuboy we sure tried to have all the fun. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New year

@Princesa All the best to you too. Happy New Year.


oya come and update na.

laspapi said...

Happy new year, nonesuch. Hope all our (positive) dreams come true this year.

Gbemi's Piece said...

Happy New Year to you!


Happy New Year oh! I thank God for your family and life.

May this year be full of blessings and peace!

Now, update please. lol.


I have read this post so many times I feel like it is groundhog day, lol!

Where are you? How are you? Family okay? Update!

KemiMamaLopes said...

Oya now. Update please :) How is the diet wagon, I see it going past sometimes.

Nonesuch said...

Update coming riht at you!

@Laspapi Happy New Year to you too. Amen!Amen!!

@Gbemi's piece Happy New Year to you. How is Blu and his Dad?

@Solomonsydelle same to you Dear. Amen to the prayers. Update is coming soon. I'm okay just overwehelmed but will update ASAP!!!

@ Kemimamalopes Diet Wagon ke?!! I fell off long time ago.lol!