Friday, 8 February 2008

Better Late Than Never....

I can't seem to think of a better title for this post. I can almost not believe I posted last about a month ago. The title of the post however bring memories of some of the crazy fun we had growing up in my perculairly unique family. We have this tremendous ability to laugh at ourselves and find humour where others seek 'spiritual interventions'. Everything or rather almost everything is a joke.

One of my Mum's cousins, lets call him Uncle Jay was finally getting married. He was getting married late (by my family standard). I guess he was in his mid 30s.Late is anything from 25 for the women folks and 30 for the male. We are crazy like that. My Dad married my Mum when he was 26 and she was 25. I have Aunts who married at 21 and 23 and most of the guys married on or before their 30th. I got married 27 and they were already wondering what the problem was cos then 23 year old sista was already looking forward to her 2nd wedding anniversary. This is not to say we dont have a few unmarried Aunts and Uncles but then I would have to think really hard. One more weird fact about my folks we like to keep it in the family i.e within the tribe. I hope this doesnt start a war and horrible comments form Anons o.
I must say this in defence of my family though that our Patriarch dated and almost married an Irish Lady who till today is in touch with the family. Why he didnt marry ? You dont want to know.

Back to Uncle Jay. his wedding invitation card had a Toast;'Better Late than Never..... I honestly can't remeber the rest of theToast but that sure got us cracking and crying and rolling on the floor holding our bellies from laughing too hard. Till today several years after you sure can get a good laugh when you say that phrase, 'Better Late than Never' to any of my folks.

So much has happened while I was away. 36 said goodbye. I hope she finds love and happiness and come back to blogville do a post and make all the Anons crazy. Its Lent and I miss Taureanminx. Will she ever come back?
Let me just stick to my normal way of update after a long absence.


All is well at work or is it? In the past weeks I have had series of emotions about my work and my worth in the labour market. I have felt like resigning and just start selling eggs.I have felt like going back to school to get another degree. That I knew I couldnot do immediately cos I dont have the fees. I already said 4 years time. I wonder how I came up with 4 years sha. My best buddy is going back to school for her LLM this September so that kind of got me thinking about school again and unachieved goals and time lines.
I have also wondered what I have against the Banking sector. Why I havent ever thot of getting a job as a Banker?( I was very broke then and all I could think of was the Fat salaries of Bankers)
I also thought of dusting my wig and gown. Join a Law firm and start practising. But then I realsied all I'm doing now is preparing me for that later cos Law I'm coming back at you.

I also got an offer from my former boss who wants me to come back. That was very tempting I must say but will throw me off tangent again. I decided to see him and we talked and we didnt really agree but then he is suppose to call me back. I'm still waiting.

I finally got confirmed at the office. I got the letter with mixed feelings and all. So many things were begiining to get at me. I usually do not complain. I like to just do my best and hope to be rewarded somehow along the line. For about 2 weeks I just didnt feel like getting up from bed and going to work. I needed a break and I wanted out. I didnt blog about it cos I know it was a temporary thing. Also I love my job.
I'm feeling a lot better about work now. My options are still opened though.

The Boys are doing great.Oldman now goes to Nursery with Senior Boy which is fun. Senior Boy is living up to his Big broda status. He is always looking out for his 'aburo ' which is good. Oldman loves it in Nursery and sings lots of Rhymes for us now. He likes his Teacher and his Spiderman Lunch box.
Senior Boy however has a major assessment in a couple of weeks. He was Four last September so he qualifies to go to The School. I 'm getting all worked up already but I choose to be positive through it all.

This post is gettig too long. I will contiune the update in my next post.
Coming attraction: Show down with my Mum and other tales.
To Solomonsydelle, Kemimamalopes,36,For the Love of me , you asked for it now you have it.


For the love of me said...

better late than never as toast, thats quite funny.
Its good to have you back, all the best.

Nyemoni said...

Nice to see you back and good luck with the confirmation!


Lol. i think i kind of came back today!! better late than never...

rethots said...

Eventually, what we want tomorrow is why we do (oops, endure) this now.
The children seems to be a challenge in themselves....that's pretty nice.


An update? We give thanks oh! Showdown with your mommy? Ooooh...

Oya, hurry up and give us another update. Come on, quick, quick.


Nonesuch said...

@For the Love of me... yes o better late than never.Its good to be back Thank you.

@Nyemoni Thanks for the best wishes. The confirmation is done already.

@36 yeah i knew you will be back. Can't wait for that post about you finding 'truelove' and settling down.

@rethots Thanks for stopping by.I hear you suffering and smiling. That tomorrow better live up to all the expectation. The boys are a handfull but I wont trade them for all the treasures of these world they rock my world.

@solomonsydelle Another update coming right at you.