Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Valentine Blues

This is not an account of my Valentine's day, mine was not as eventful. What you are about to read happened to 3 of my colleagues in the office. Lets call them Ade, Lade and Bade. The morning started with me teasing everyone who dares to come to work with a hint of red- red shirt or blouse or tie or lip gloss and you automatically became the butt of our jokes.Such was the gay mood in the office. The MD couldnt help joining in when she demanded for a piece of the cake and chocolates from the single girls in the office wondering why we having being getting any delivery all day.

Work ended at 5pm as usual and the Three Musketeers -They joined the company the same day,went through induction and orientation together and even though one is a scientist, the other in Accounts and the third in Client services their friendship blossomed. They decided since they had no dates they could as well try and have some fun. They went to a 'Joint' to have Fish Peppersoup and enjoy each others company before heading home seperately.

They left the office a few minutes after 5pm got to the Joint about past 6pm.Placed their orders and gisted away while waiting for the Fish delicacy to arrive.

Time Check 7.30pm

In zooms in the men in black aka policemen. The arrested the 3 Musketeers and all the people present at the Jiont including a pregnant woman frying Dundun( Yam Chips) by the road side. Ade and Lade jumped into the Police van without asking questions. Their hearts in their mouth wondering what their fate will be. Bade dared to ask what their offence was , why they were being arrested. She also wanted to know where they were taking them to. All reasonable questions you would think but all she got was a threat she would get shot if she didnt 'cooperate' The other two begged her to get into the Van and avoid trouble.

They took them to the Police Station and they were ordered to remove their shoes, drop their phones and get into the cell. They immediately started making frantic calls to their family, friends and enemies. Thank God they had people who could come to their aid. They were promptly released after a few 'greens' exchanged hands.

Why the Arrest?

We later gathered that there was a Robbery incident in that area the day before so they were 'suspects' and 'husslers'.

The Policemen while carrying out the arrest kept joking amongs themselves saying from Valentine to cell. The Three Musketeers couldnot laugh at that moment but could not stop laughing at work the next day.

I still can not wrap my head round how 3 young ladies chilling at a joint at 7.30pm on St. Valetine's night suddenly transformed into 'robbery suspects' and 'husslers'

How was your Val?


Ms. Catwalq said...

one day, these policemen will bite off more than they can chew when someone will unleash a semi automatic from the Berkin Bag

For the love of me said...

This is very sad. And to think that the same day Linda Ikeji mentioned that armed robbers shot a friend of hers who was dropping off his date at Anthony.The police was of course no where in site. The Nigerian police has clearly lost direction. It is very sad.

Nyemoni said...

How very sad really....I have no words for this type of nonsense!
Nonesuch how are you and your familial? Hope you are all doing well...Thanks for the last time and sorry I haven't been in touch with you, my life has been tupsy turvy!

In my head and around me said...

For the love did you say that they have lost direction. No matter how far back I cast my very old mind, I can't remember a time when they were on course. Imagine, police making money from a crime.

The 3 musketeers were lucky

Uzo said...

LOL...Valentine to cell..Funny in an unfunny way

Afrobabe said...

Lol...what a way to spend least this vals will be remembered for life...


oh my, the mistreatment of Nigerians by Nigerians in uniform must stop. Haba, those poor babes.

Anyway, how you dey?


Afronuts said...

Oppression of the people by the people(police) for the people(Ogas)...

The police is not my friend. Last time my house was burgled they asked me to bring cash so that they could open a case file for my statement and more cash for reporting the case!

Comrade said...

In Yoruba language, this is called "Arinfesesi"

princesa said...

Jobless idiots! they were just looking to make some easy cash!

When they see the real suspects them go throway face the other side.*Hiss*

poor least they had a val story to tell,lol!

Calabar Gal said...

NA wa for Naija Olopa!


Ol' girl...must we send the olopa to find you? Update, nah!

In my head and around me said...


For the love of me said...

Abi you don leave blogville? Update

Nogo said...

I'm glad they found the humour in it cuz I find that so frustratingly annoying.

Nonesuch said...

I agree with you. They need to learn a lesson FAST. do you know where I can get a Semi auto and a Berkin Bag?lol.

@ For the Love of me
Yes o. Very sad about the Linda story. i wonder how the 'date' is feeling. how do you explain it? God help us all.

familial is fine my Sista. Tell me about tupsy turvy.I'm responding to comments almost 2 months after.

@In my Head and Around me

I agree with you. i cant seem to remember the merry old days when Policing was effective. They just dont get it. The trio are lucky they lived to tell the tale.


very funny indeed. Morbid humour.I hope you come back to Blogville.


Yes o. The val, many other vals will aspire to beat but will never to able to measure up to cos really what can measure up to Val in Jail?

I couldnt agree more.

Nonesuch said...

@ Afronuts
Sorry about the incident at your house. What came out of the case filing and investigations?

@ Comrade
lol.'Arinfesesi'indeed. how very apt.

I guess we all agree the Police need to refocus their 'energy' on doing their real job. They sure are telling their Val story.

@Calabar Gal
Na wa o. how are you?


I have updated o.Please do not send Olopa after me.I dey fear the MIB o

@ In my Head and Around Me

I have updated .though I realise that I need to update my update.

@For the Love of Me

Commot for Blogsville ke. I full grown remain.Just cut up wiyh Facebook and the daily runs at the Mill.

Like Fela said,'suffering and smiling'