Thursday, 10 April 2008

The 300m Scam.

For some crazy reason I actually think Prof Adenike Grange is innocent. I wont say she is naive and was set up but she should know better. She did a honourable thing resigning (we all know that is not a naija thing to do. Etteh and co) She also takes the 'responsibility and not the blame’ (sounds like Akon abi) its all semantics if you ask me.

But some things are true. She is a Professor of Pediatrics and the President of the International Body of Pediatrician. I have 2 children under 5 and I know how ‘difficult’ that aspect of medicine is compared to O& G or Community Health. Next to Neuro Surgeon they are the crème la crème of Medical Professions if you ask me.( I hope I don’t start a war)

She has also taught for several years in the University. I know about 10 of her ex students and a few of her colleagues in LUTH and they are all unanimous in their feeling that the story just doesn’t add up. She didn’t run of to Cuba like the Senate Committee on Health Chairman. She is facing it squarely and boldly. I don’t think she is guilty. She is not running which means she has nothing to hide. I will like to believe though that if she was guilty she will be trying as hard

The Federal Ministry of Health is very big. I would reckon there would be several snail speed bureaucratic processes for getting things done. She has just being there barely a year. How much could she have known in the short period? People will only tell you what they think you need to know. They never tell you what you need to know. She has never served in Public office and all her experience really is with dealing with children in her work as a Pediatrician and in the Private sector. She was working with some International Agency on Vaccines I think before she was appointed Minister of Health.

I strongly believe Ignorantia juris non excusat but then its still early days of the arraignment. I think keeping her in custody is unnecessary and she should be granted bail. This is the Naija of Alams,Ibori, Abacha and in most recent past Obasanjo( Checkout the Power sector probe going on). She should be brought to justice if she is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. I hope for her sake that she walks away. I'm sure she is asking herself if the past 9 months was necessary.

She probably did more as a private citizen than as the Health Minister. I respect those who are not career politicians. Men and women who actually go into elective offices because the want a change and not business and usual. I will recommend getting in early so you don't get blown away by the several human and political landmines. If you really cant swim with the sharks in the deep blue ocean, stay on the beach and resist the urge to get lured in.


Anonymous said...

wat happened with prof grange?

Anonymous said...

wat happened with prof grange?

TaureanMinx said...

Just read up on thats crazy!

For the love of me said...

Didn't realise you had updated.
If Yardy had not specifically asked all ministries to return unspent funds, then perhaps I wouldn't have judged her this harshly, but he did, did she not hear? I know that it may be scapegoatism but she did call it on herself.
She can't claim she didnt know just how corrupt the civil service is, even a ten yr old Nigerian does. If she wasn't sure she was strong enough for the job, then she shouldn't have accepted it.

A very close relative was once offered the position of commissioner, she turned it down cos she said she wasn't sure she was strong enough to handle all those psychophants who would be on her case to share one bag of money after the other.Her intergrity was more important.
At 68 really, Grange simply should have known better.

Atutupoyoyo said...

I too hoped that the story was a smear and that she would present evidence that would completely absolve her.......I am still waiting

Nonesuch said...

@Pink Satin She is involved in a N300m scam in the Ministry of Health. That is what happened to Prof Grange.

@Taureanminx Its beyond crazy. lets contiune to watch the drama unfold.

@For the Love of me yes o I updated.I agree with you but i'm hoping there is a twist to the tale and she will come out... With each passing day she is looking more guilty.
I commend the people whi can say No to those juicy political appointments. It not easy.

@Atutu We are all waiting.

princesa said...

I share your sentiments.

laspapi said...

I'd like to think this kind of matter is a 'strict liability offence'. It doesn't matter whether or not she was a part of it. She shoulda checked. Its harsh, I know, on a personal level but non-accountability has brought us to the scrap heap where we eat from now.

ps Nonesuch- this case you're making for her is based on suppositions o!