Friday, 2 November 2007

My Darling Daddy

Day Two

Today I'm giving thanks for the number man in my life( pls don't crucify me but Dh understands). Yes I'm an original Daddy's girl. i love my father I no go lie. He is 57 years old today and he doesn't look a day older that 45. I remember his numerous visit to my hostel in those day and people actually thought he was my 'Aristo'. I have a very close relationship with my Dad and we talk about everything almost everything. He has always allowed us the children to express ourselves. My family is a 'strange' one but in a good way( I like to believe). You are not allowed to talk back rudely but we actually have freedom of speech.

I'm thankful for my Daddy who didn't restrict my intellect but encouraged me to be all I possibly can hope to be. He is still challenging me to do more even till date.

I give thanks for the good example you showed us. You answered most all our questions and showed us we can do it. For the bad examples also I say thank you cos through them we know what to expect and how to react. You are not perfect but I love you the way you are.

For loving my mummy so much even after over 30 plus years and always looking out to make her happy. I'm thankful.

I remember one of the life lesson you taught us , somethings are RIGHTS and others are PRIVILEGES. I had just finished Secondary School in 1993. I made all my papers and I got admission in to the University. We all know the 90's was a period of decay in the Universities. Strikes after Strikes after Strikes. Everybody and I mean everybody I knew was going abroad for their degree programme. I could not understand why my Lecturer father will not see the light and send me to UK or US to school. You simple reason was you could not afford it. Your excuse didn't hold water as far as I was concerned. I bugged him day and night and tried all the tricks in the book.My mother was also on my side and my siblings all wanted to have the pleasure of saying my sista is abroad.

Early one morning at about 5.30a you came into my room and woke me up. Told me to get dress and get into the car. We were going somewhere.My brodas and sista joined us too. I nervously followed as we all got into your Benz 200 diesel. My mum looked on curiously wondering where he was taking us that early in the morning. We drove in silence all the way to Oja Oba right at the Palace of the Emir( I grew up in Ilorin) where he packed the car . Just as the car slowed down to park we were immediately swarmed with men,women and children who wanted to know what services we required. Once he waved them away the lecture started.

He told us those children were born just like us by parents who by choice or fate can not afford to nurture or care for them. He said they were labourers and their daily pay was less than 500 bucks. We all had a choice of getting out of the car and join them if we feel that what he was providing for us as a father was inadequate. He then explained how much he earned as a lecturer and how he can not afford to start something he cant finish. He asked how much I thought a degree programme in UK or US will cost. How he will come up with the money on his salary as a Teacher when he was not feeding aft on government money. he told us it wasn't the University that matter but the drive. What are you going to make out of your life with the resources available to you no matter how limited they are. He told us we were no less disadvantaged by the fact that we were in Nigeria. we just have to make sure we have the extra edge and strive at perfection in all we do.

It was our RIGHT as his children that he provides for us the basic things we need in life shelter, food and education. He however has a choice to be responsible or not. It was however a PRIVILEGE if he decides to send us abroad to UK considering that it was beyond his means or to buy a car for you upon graduation or send you abroad every summer.

I give thanks for that day and for how that changed my perspective till date.

Even as you celebrate today I wish you long life and good health. There is so many more good years ahead and your dreams will come true. You will leave to see many many more of your grandchildren and even great grand children. Happy birthday Daddy.

Thank you.


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Your dad and my dad are the same. I was almost panicked cos I was like "don't tell me that baba Catwalq has pikin somewhere else?"

But then, even if he does sef, wetin I fit do at this point?

Nonesuch said...

@Catwalq lol maybe we have the same father o. lets go do DNA Paternity test. If the result is postive we celebrate. We have joke in my house that we never know till the Will is read and there are no surprises. He always say there will be no surprises. Time will tell.

princesa said...

Your dad is the bomb o jare!

Nonesuch said...

@ Princesa Sure he is.