Thursday, 1 November 2007

In all things give Thanks

This is the month of Thanksgiving. The years is fast coming to an end. I'm taking audits and planning for the year(s) ahead. I'm going to be doing a post everyday about all the things I'm thankful for. This is going to be a challenge as it will mean writing a post everyday but there is a lot to be thankful for.

Day One

I got a call yesterday from a friends lets call him Wale. We were both in Uni together. After Law school while all my colleagues were going for interviews in all the top law firms and grabbing all the 'juicy' jobs, I was getting ready to push senior boy out. I felt sad and happy at the same time. I was happy to be a mother but sad and wondering if my career will ever take off . Some folks even commented to my hearing wondering why i was just content with staying home and raising my son while guys who didn't know as much as me were all practising.I asked myself so many questions, will I ever be able to live up to those words I wrote in our class year book when they asked what will you be doing in 15 years, will ever get a job, will I ever 'catch up '?

As soon as Senior Boy clocked One I began to actively look for a job. Wale had 'my dream' job at that time. He was working as a Judicial Assistant to one of the most respected Senior Judges in Lagos State. I tried all I could to get a job as a judicial assistant.I knew I would thrive in that role. The nerd in me will finally hold sway. Reading Law reports all day and researching for precedents. I will also not work weekends and close at 4pm. Most Courts stop sitting at about 3pm anyways.I will be working in Ikeja driving against traffic to and from work. I had it all worked out in my head. But I didn't get the job. It was man know man and I didn't know man enough.

I told Wale then if he ever heard of a vacancy or he ever wanted to leave his job he should let me know. He called me yesterday to offer me his job.He was leaving his Judge , moving on to private practise and was shopping for his replacement. He called to keep his promise to me.

I give thanks for friends like Wale who will keep their words even after about 4 years plus.

I stopped to consider the offer for about 2 hours yesterday but realised that it was coming 3 years late. July 2008 I will be 5 years at the Bar. I on a journey on another road and hopefully all will be well at the end. Law will be there when I'm good and ready and we will reunite like old lovers. You and I forever together but I will dictate my terms not some old Senior who thinks he is doing me a favour for allowing me tutelage under him.

I give thanks for unknown tomorrow, the today I could not see in September 2003. I'm thankful for hindsight, cos now I see that all things work together for my good. I give thanks for Senior boy and for all the joy he brings to my life. Though I didn't get 'my dream job' or work in a top law firm, I'm happy and fulfilled. I also give thanks for the future I can not begin to imagine or phantom.

See you tomorrow for another Thanksgiving Tale.


Nyemoni said...

Wow...I am thanking God with how did it go with the other 'Wale'? Good luck girlie.........

Nonesuch said...

@ Nyemoni Thank you jare. The other Wale no deliver o. But that has being sorted Thanks for the support.