Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I cant Think of a title.

Day 6

What have i gotten myself into? Daily post is not easy o.

I feel like i have literally had a new baby. Three of our Abuja staff left Lagos today to resume today. The last of the bunch left about 30 mins ago. I also had to also deliver safely 2 med tech safely. Its being a long tortuous journey to this day. I give thanks for Abuja and I know we will only hear good reports from that end.

I feel very tried and stressed but its a good feeling knowing you are affecting life positively.

I also give thanks for Rose our new Nanny who is starting today. I pray your stay will us will be good and we will all be happy together.

I give thanks for closing time is 5pm. I want to go home and rest my achy feet.

see ya'll tomorrow.

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