Friday, 16 November 2007

I take hand cover my face.....

Day 16

I posted last over a week ago. I have being so so very busy at work. The stress level was HIGH. But we thank God Abuja has opened for business. In the last week I have felt so many emotions that even as I write I still feel tired and drained but in all things I give Thanks.

I was deceived by a colleague in the office who in agreement with some courier company promised to deliver in 24hours when they knew it could not be done. I was anxious and expectant and i naively believed all the stories they spun. The wool fell of my eyes and I saw them for the con that they were by then man hours have being lost and my credibility was in ruins but Thank God through it all i took ownership of the problem and was not shy to admit i goofed.

In the past week i was at the point of declaring a colleague missing. She was to fly to Abuja to resume when she came to say she had to travel with her LasserLab puppy. Virgin Nigeria do not carry animals and the notice was too short to get on Aero not that we were sure they will carry Glory and her puppy. She was ready to go by road and off we went on Friday. At about 10.00am on Sunday she wasn't in Lagos and the Abuja guys had not seen her or her puppy. The was going crazy with worry. I couldn't even tell my Boss what was happening when I didn't even know what was happening. I had to call her next of kin and ask if they have heard from her. The tears I shed when I heard her voice on the phone were of relief and victory.
I don't know if i would have survived if anything happened.

My nephew is well and out of the hospital. My sista's plan to relocate to the US has to wait till next month. I still want to go see her more than ever before but i still need a free ticket. I give thanks for that.

The boys love their new Nanny and I give a million thanks for that. If all my hair were a thousand Tongue it wouldn't be enough to give Thanks for the kind of support she renders.

Julie and I finally tied all the knots to our business arrangement. We are daily getting referrals and things are looking up in that direction. I give thanks for friends like sisters and the extra income from that side.

i promise to try and do a daily update but I can see next week will be another crazy week.


Gbemi's Piece said...

You seem to have so much to give thanks for and I join you in giving thanks for all your experiences.

Uzo said...

Great news about your nephew...It seems that God is doing good things in your life....

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

I would join u in giving thanks ma'am God is able. Your nephew will be healed..

Ermm what r the details to contact u wiv?? wow the big bags!!!

KemiMamaLopes said...

Thanks for dropping by. Expecting a recipe for the; orange marmalade once you get it :)

Nonesuch said...

@ Gbemi's piece yes o i have so much to give Thanks.Thank you for joining in the thanksgiving. How is Blu?

@Uzo great news indeed. he is up and about already. Thank God.

@A kel Yes the big bags!!

@Kemimamalopes i will let you have the receipe as soon as i get my hands on it.