Thursday, 22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgivings

WARNING: This Post may be LONG!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

At the beginning of the month i said i was going to do a Thanksgiving Post everyday. Along the way I bowed to the pressure of work and procrastination. Many times i tried to post but i was just too tired to get my Brain to function well. I justified that with its better not to post than to post incoherently. Today is Thanksgiving day.I have to post even though I'm so TIRED I want to run out of my body.

To make it easy for me I'll do a list.i love making lists and I always have a note book and pencil ready to make my never-ending list. I'm going to List 22 things I'm thankful for. It should be pretty easy abi lets see.

  1. The Gift of Life. I take this gift for granted so many times but with each passing day I thank God for the gift of my LIFE. I'm not any better than so many many who have gone. But by HIS grace he has counted me worthy. I say Thank you.
  2. I give thanks for my Father. He will be going back to the university after about 2 years away for various assignments. 1st was his sabbatical and then Jos. I know he would have loved to stay on in Jos and find some more relevance but the politics is getting to him and he will rather go back to his teaching. He is a good man and a good teacher. I give thanks for him. I give thanks for the gift of reasoning and the ability to withdraw at the right time. For he who fights to run lives to fight another day. This is just the beginning. I love you.
  3. I give thanks for Rose my new Nanny. She is a good girl and I'm grateful for the support she gives to our household. The boys love her and we are all one big happy family.
  4. My Lord Bishop's will was read last Saturday. I give thanks cos the reading went well. There was no fights and despite all the rumours that have being flying that some certain members of the family has being disinherited. They were not and those who didn't get anything cried but it was too late. I give thanks for the children who through it all were united and strong.
  5. I give thanks for my job. I waited this long to mention it so I don't sound like a workaholic. The truth is i love my job. Is it the dream job? No but its not far from it. I enjoy working with my Boss. She is strict but fair. I look up to her in so many ways. When they say female bosses are mean or women don't like working with other women they were not talking about my boss.
  6. I give thanks for my Broda Ibk ( he hate the name) and his wife. They have only being married for about 11 months. Morning shows the day. i expect great things form the 2 of them. I give thanks for the support that he give me. I sound him off on a lot of things and he sure going to be a good head of the family someday howbeit a very STRICT one.
  7. I give thanks for my Sis Max and her family. Ct is back at home and he spoke to me on the phone. He is getting stronger by the day and they should move in the 1st week of December. I still don't have a ticket to go see her despite all my campaign. This just means when I see her it will be a supa duppa holiday for me, London to Minnesota then back to London.
  8. I give thanks for TO. She is Max's friend and Prayer Partner since forever. I think they meat in French School. She is back in Nigeria after 2 years study in Paris. She is looking for a J.O.B. She is like family and I appreciate her support for Max all thru the trials with CT and always. I also give thanks for my friend P.J. She is also my business partner. Thank you for always having my back covered.
  9. I give thanks for Koko. She is our sista from another mother.
  10. I thought this was going to be easy but I give thanks for the more I think the more I realise that its not all gloomy. God has indeed being GOOD to me. I thank God for his Love towards me at all times.
  11. I give thanks for Madame Do Good.( my cousin) as the name implies she is always doing good. She was a year older a couple of days ago. I give thanks for her life and the role she plays in the family. Many more years ahead my dear Cousin
  12. I give thanks for Tee whose hubby decided to whisk away for a romantic weekend in London cos now when she is less busy with the 'activities of the weekend away' she can help me get a dress suit for Senior Boy who is going to be a ring bearer at a wedding in 2 weeks.Why we waited this long to get the suit ? Ask my Oyo man.
  13. I give thanks for my Mum. Even though she is coming this late in the list I love her and I know she loves me too. Love you Mummy see you at Christmas.
  14. I give thanks for my Aunt E. Her life is an example of how determination and hard work pays. I'm proud of ALL your achievements .
  15. I give thanks for my Cousin. I know this time next year when I'm making this list you will have your own testimony.
  16. I give thanks for my Grandmother, though she is has being gone 4 years now she still is very much a part of our life. Her legacy can NEVER be forgotten and all her Prayers God has answered. We love you E.O. I miss you daily.
  17. I give thanks for my other Broda. He is in a Transition at the moment. Expectations and Aspirations. I give thanks cos you have the mind of God and he will direct your path. Just listen and follow his lead.
  18. I give thank for Bloggers and Blogs. Whoever came up with the idea of a Blog? How on earth would I have met 36,Solomonsdyelle,Uzo,Atutu,Araceli, Bimbylads,Boorish,TaureanMinx,Silent Storm,Overwhelmed,London Buki,Princesa,Jeremy,Christain Writer,Mamalopes, A kel,Linda Ikeji, Funmi Iyanda, Molara Woods, Nyemoni, Udy, Pilgrimage to Self, Sara etc etcetc many of who I haven't met physically but ALL of who I feel a connection with. Thank you ALL for coming into my life.
  19. I give thanks cos this is almost over. I didn't know it would be this hard.
  20. I give thanks for my Oyo man.
  21. I give thanks for my boys, Senior Boy and Old man.
  22. I give thanks for all the issues in my life right now cos thorough it all I'm getting better. I give thanks for family and friends who through the year have supported and made me better. Love you lots and God bless you all.
Happy Thanksgiving.


princesa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you lord for nonesuch and her family.
May we all always have a reason to thank you lord.

Atutupoyoyo said...

Happy Thanksgiving as well.

22 Reasons to be thankful and I am sure you can easily think of ten times that number. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Nyemoni said...

How nice...Thank God for you too! Many blessings to you babes..God bless you!

For the love of me said...

Madam, update please


My sista, I am thankful to have met you and join in thanking God for all the blessings on your life!
How body?

Merry Xmas oh!


and update, nah!

Nonesuch said...

@Princesa happy Thanksgiving to you too. how is Mum? i'm sure she is back on her feet now.

@ Atutu Amen my broda and yours too

@Nyemoni Amen and you too

@For the Love of me. i will update in good time

@Solomonsydelle Mery Christmas to you too. Update is coming soon. Regards to your crew.


Just checking in...God's blessings to you and yours!

Ola said...

hi.came across ur blog wen i googled uss ilorin and imagine my shock wen i saw my sis and bro's names in one of ur blog entries! Im Bola n Martin's younger sis. Bola's in australia now anyway. merry xmas.By the way uve got a v.nice blog.

For the love of me said...

Happy new year Maam, are you there?


Happy New Year!

Nonesuch said...

@solomonsydelle Thanks for checking on me.

@Ola That is so nice of you to stop by. I can rememeber you but very faintly. What is ajibola doing in Australia? I wish we could have a reunion someday.

@For the Love of Me happy New Year to you too.

@Solomonsydelle Happy New year my sista. Thanks for waking me up.