Saturday, 27 October 2007


Its being a very busy 3weeks for me. Solomonsydelle and Catwalq have asked for an update and that exactly what you all will get an update.

Home Front

DH will be arriving from Calabar in a couple of hours and I need to hurry up and pick him up at the airport. I spent the better part of this morning in the kitchen cooking up a storm and I hope he appreciates it. Old man has said 'thank you ' already but demanding for food as soon as he saw the pots sizzling away. His future wife just must know how to cook.

Senior boy has started piano lessons in school which is good. He seems to enjoy it and he likes Mr. Taiwo the music teacher. He says he wants to learn the drums too.My friend Tani's son too is keen about drums and we are thinking of buying a drum set. The cheapest in the market is 36 grand and we are not sure we want to spend so much on an instrument. what if they lose interest? who will house the drums? are we ready for the noise from the rehearsals. We decided a cheaper and better option is to find someone with a drums set who is willing to teach children under 4 years old. We are still looking.

I had to go to Ilorin during the week and even though I spent just a night at home I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish we could all go and live there permanently. DB is ok and we didn't have any of our fights. Someone is getting more matured I must say. We had a nice mother daugther chat and we agreed on every issue. I'm so proud of myself.

Our nanny says she is leaving. I was disappointed but she can go if she likes. My boys will never 'leave'. I asked her these morning what time she will be going and she said she will be staying another week. I'm already looking for replacement. The boys will miss her cos she is good with them but life goes on. And like my mum will say with each passing day the Boys are growing older and less dependent on a Nanny. Its all a matter of time.

My sista and her family are moving to the US next month. Her hubby has done nothing but complain for the 2 years plus they lived in the UK. He is finally going back to his US of A. Packing is in progress and I wish I could just go and see her before they go. Any one with a free return ticket to London wondering what to do with it?


Work is ok. New challenges everyday and I'm loving it. I love work yes o I'm one of them. Abuja office will be opened in a couple of days and excitement is in the air. I'm having major issues with some of the staff but nothing we cant work out.

I have decided to go back to school full time in 4 years time. Its crazy but yes its all part of the big picture and Nonesuch having it all campaign.I'll fill you guys in as the plans unfold.

Thinking of how to make some extra money on the side. any ideas?

This will be all for now. Dh's flight will be arriving soon. I don't want to keep him waiting.

My friend as a bun in the oven. She about 5 weeks gone. I'm so excited for her. The Baby is due in July and I so want the baby to share my birthday. Two of my friends have had their babies on my birthday and another a day after.I'm already putting together a care pack which I'm sending to Kaduna on Monday. I'm so happy for her.


For the love of me said...

Yippie, yippe, I am first.
I am sure your husband will appreciate all the love in the food, which naija man no like better food? All the best in all your endeavours. I am sure you will win.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

u are having a ball jare
carry go

Nyemoni said...

LOL..You wish someone had a free ticket to the UK! I feel for you sha, regarding the househelp thingy...Necessary evils... How are you going about getting one? It can be such a chore when your're a working mother!

Nyemoni said...

Good luck!


DH and food, of course hed appreciate it!!! See as u r already planning for senior boy? his wife must know how to cook ke?? at what age?? wife that is not coming for another 20yrs or so. na wa for you o.

Nonesuch said...

@ For the love of me. Yes o you are 1st. Thanks for the best wishes.

@ Catwalq How for do?

@ Nyemoni Yes now free ticket to UK is that too much to ask? lol Househelps i can write a book on my experince with them.I' currently looking for a replacement and i dont mind all the leads I can get.

@ 36 yes o his future wife. I cant wait 20 plus years is just round the corner you know. so just hurry up before Old man asks to be the best man and not the ring bearer.

Christian Writer said...

You go girl. And remember us when you're devouring the food.

Nonesuch said...

@Christain writer wow thanks for stopping by.

princesa said...

YOu want to earn money on the side eh?
Oya start frying akara in the evenings na,lol!
Dont mind me dear, just kidding.

I wish i could taste some of that ur storm o!My belly is rumbling.

Nonesuch said...

@ Princesa you are not serious. If i start selling akara balls you must buy o.
dont worry will invite you to lunch next time i'm cooking up a storm