Friday, 24 August 2007


Thank God its Friday. This week has so many ups and downs. Let me start with work.

  • The 6 guys from SA are back to base. Thank God that is over. We hope to see them again soon
  • A colleague and friend(i told him he doesn't qualify to be referred to as a friend an more) resigned. What i find painful is we talked about him leaving b4 and he promised he will let me know if and when he would be leaving. But he didn't even say a word to me. I'm still reeling from the after effect of the news.
  • The rumour mill is overflowing with his resignation. I need to motivate the people and keep their eyes on the ball. We have to stay focused. Why? Adi thanks for the perfect timing'
  • My boss is on her annual vac and that means so many things. work is lighter, people are more laid back and I have to be on the red alert at all times. Spoke with her this morning and she doesn't seem to be having fun. She needs to rest though cos when she gets back we are rolling out big time. Abuja hia we come.
  • I need 3 days casual leave. I just don't see how I can get that with the boss absent and Adi horrible attitude since he decided to resign. He is still hia for a month technically but I wish we could just tell him go but that will be so wrong.
Home Front (Definitely Up)
  • My baby will be 2 tomorrow. He has suddenly become very vocal over night. I'm so happy. He lights up my world.
  • Big Broda is counting the days till its September 22 when it will be his birthday too.
  • So many ups in this aspect of my life. Thank God for my family
  • Spoke with Dad also.
  • A friend is back after about a month vacation abroad. She called and sent a text to say she is back but I don't want to be her 'friend' again. I know its sounds crazy but that how I feel really. Friendship with her is so very tasking and uphill. She literally drains me. i didn't pick the call and I didn't reply the text. The usual me way of dealing with people ....Avoid the person for as long as you possibly can instead of facing the issue and talking about it. Maybe if u stay away for long the issue will go away or become resolved. Well that never happens but if She remembers my boys' birthday tomorrow then she might be worth another chance.I say that cos she is the kind of person who will send u text messages like...'can a mother ever forget her suckling child? even if she did God will never forget us .You forgot ur daugther Kemi's birthday today' Yes she did send me that exact text message when i didn't call 1st thing on her son's birthday.I forgot cos I was travelling and had a flight to catch and I was going to as soon as I landed but her text message got to me b4 I got round to calling.I didn't bother calling or replying her text by the way.
This is too long a post and I'm just rambling. See you guys tomorrow. I need to do a post for my baby tomorrow.


princesa said...

Yay! Am first!!
Thank god is Friday too!!

Tasking friends! I can so relate!!
I think you got the perfect way of dealing with such peeps.
Just Blank them out!

Happy birthday to ur baby. Wow! He is a virgo like me, am sure he is a sweetheart.

Have a great weekend.

princesa said...

Hmmm... comment moderation! So maybe am not first, anyway yay still!

Nonesuch said...

@Princesa yes you are first. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will let him know you said Hi. You are so right he is a sweetheart. He has me wrapped round his little finger.

Abuja Walkabout said...

Do come to Abuja... and please give me a shout!

Uzo said...

Happy belated birthday to your boy.....

Nonesuch said...

@Abuja walkabout I will let you know when and if i do come to abuja. I read NSOL and I love it.i enjoy your articles also and so we will have loads to talk about.

@UZO Thank you for the birthday wishes. i will tell him.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

I laughed at this post!!!!

somehow i hope she remembers ur sons birthday.

Nonesuch said...

@ a Kel well she didnt remember. she has tried to call and sned messages since then but I guess i have had enuf!