Monday, 27 August 2007

Old Man


My Baby was 2 years on Saturday and this post is about him. He is such a darling even if I say so myself. His pregnancy was unlike the 1st one. I was very emotional , always tried and very angry at the world.DH always kept a safe distance and was careful what he said to me cos you never know what will trigger my 'verbal diarrhoea and anger fits'. I knew he was going to be another boy and I was praying for a daugther. Then i got into a state of paranoia what if the baby comes out with both sexes? I would rather have an healthy baby even though I so wanted a daugther.
I had gone for my ante natal classes and was on my way home when I asked the driver to take me to the shops. I needed to do some last minutes shopping for the baby bag. I remember telling him this baby might just come sooner than I expect and I want to be prepared. I went into Labour while shopping.He took me home and I calmly packed my bag and waited for DH to get back from work.
I told him i was in Labour and we need to start going to the hospital. I will rather get there and wait than start looking for security men to open the gates in the middle of the night. The Doctors confirmed I was indeed in labour and yours truly calculated baby should be here about 4am going by my 1st experience. I was so very wrong.Old man had his own agenda. He came about 20 hours later with a loud cry. Then we went home and we were back again cos he had Jaundice which I had and his broda had and my next baby most likely will have at birth( that is if i have another one)

After the experience at the ICU and sleeping on the uncomfortable chair and worrying about the 2 mothers in my house and my Senior boy( I wasn't the one on admission so no bed for me) I came home and i became over protective of Old man. No one was allowed to carry him not alone bathe him. The mothers were told to fuss over Senior boy and let us be. I remember sitting for hours on end watching him sleep. I went back to paid employment when he was 7 months. He stays at home with the ever changing streams of Nannies. We have one now who he is particularly fond of( lets pray she stays). Even though he is 2 now i still don't see a reason to rush him off to school, creche or playgroup whatever they call it. He still mumbles a lot of gibberish but i understand him . I love the way his face lits up when i walk into the room. I love the way he staggers and sways when he walks hence the nickname old man. I love the fact that he can eat and feed himself. He loves food and its embarrassing when we go out but i love him that way. I love the wet kisses he showers on my face when I get back from work and the way he holds my face and cuddles up with me. I love his giggle and the mischief in his eyes. I love the fact that you are very loving and expressive.They all call you Mummy's boy but I you are your own man. Mummy cant hold you down and i never will.
He is very strong willed and independent and I know the years are ahead will have its challenges but I know through it all we will come out tops. Happy birthday my darling Oko mama e.


pamelastitch said...

He is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Nonesuch said...

@pamelastitch Thank you.

For the love of me said...

you mean I forgot his birthday,aint I so terrible,give him belated birthday kisses for me, tell him aunty'll come around and spoil him alittle soon.

Nonesuch said...

@For the love of me. yes u forgot and i will deliver your message.