Friday, 10 August 2007

The Dinner and The Wedding Night

I guess I should just post the concluding part of the wedding . The day after the Kai Amariya is the dinner party. The morning is spent in the couple's house with the bride and her friends helping her to play hostess as people troop in to view the house. Every guest who comes in is given a tour of the house. The have to see every room and corner of the house. Some even test the wedding bed for firmness. That was so hilarious as it was the older women who were doing this. The Bride's Step Mum sent food early in the morning. The Ango(Groom)'s sister ( by the way he has 13 sisters) also sent enough food to feed an Army.

I decided it was time for me to see a little of Kaduna. I called up Ahmed(we were in Law School together) who knew I would be in town if we could meet. I saw him last exactly Four years 10 days ago(don't ask me but Ahmed remembered) that was during our call to Bar ceremony in Abuja. We have however kept in touch through the telephone. We have shared news and victories and sadness and anxiety over the past 4 years so it was indeed very good to see him again. We almost lost him to sickle cell crisis in January by Thanks be to Allah he pulled through.Glory be to God in the highest.

I also wanted to see my In Laws in Kuru Masi. My broda is married to a Yoruba girl who lived all her life in Kaduna. Her parents still live there. It was an opportunity to see them and say hello.Ahmed arrived and he couldn't come into the house as he is male and not family and the Groom isn't in.Married women are not suppose to be receiving male guest when hubby isnt home. I think it just reasonable. we had to sit in his car and play catch up. We had so much to talk about.He was now working after about 3 years of searching for the right job(his health was a major factor to consider). He suggested he drive me to see my in laws and off we went. They were glad to see me. Apparently their daugther told them i would be in town, the old man said i would be too busy to stop by to say hello but the mother was sure i would come even if it was briefly. I was glad i stopped by.

Back in the house another drama was unfolding. Patience who was suppose to help the bride with household chores was suppose to come over and assist because now it was a full house .People were coming in thier hundreds. Amariya was informed reliably that Patience just had a baby 2 weeks ago. That could not be possible. She had being on the Bride's payroll since January She came in begging and saying she will bring her sista as a replacement. That was just so messy anyway She settled for the sister.

Ango I guess just couldnt bear to be away from his Bride. He stopped by briefly to say hello to his wife. His sistas would not allow him enter but he insisted that he had a right to go into his house. He came in said his hello and off he was again.

Then it was time to start getting ready for the Dinner party. We were all decked up in our best attires. The Groom came to pick the Bride and I up and off we were to the venue. The hall was transformed with lights and all the trimmings. Holy Mallam was the MC/Comedian. We were ushered in dancing to Sunny Nneji's Oruka. Food was fabulous. I saw a couple of old friends from Law School. Ahmed couldn't come though cos he has to rest. Then the best part of the Dinner.....Dancing

The band was from Abuja. The singing was beautiful and your truly danced the night away. I had so much fun it was unbelievable. I didnt stop dancing till the Band switched off and called it a day. That was at about 2am. Then we went home to get my bags as I was being officially kicked out. Tonite is the night He will make her his woman.

I have to stop now. I will conclude this in the next post I promise

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Calabar Gal said...

Congratulations. Four years ago means 2003 pray do I know you? Which uni were you?