Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A season of Soyinka

The season ended on Sunday at TerraKulture( Theatre@Terra -there will be productions there every Sunday henceforth. God bless u BAP) I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the play. The cast was brilliant and it brought back nostalgic feeling of my days in UI when at the end of every session the Theatre Arts Students had their numerous productions which was free of course and you would think I was going for an exam too the way I would rush to get a good seat and watch the various performers paint on my mind and reasoing through every word, dance, song and movements that they displayed on stage. I successfully dragged hubby along though he was reluctant and For the love of me kept praying with me that he doesn't change his mind at the last minute. You never know with my Ibadan man.

Apart from seeing the play , I had earlier in the week agreed with a fellow blogger to meet at the venue.We developed a unique friendship over the weeks, our medium of communication being emails. We exchanged 1st names and nothing else, no digits, no pictures nothing but I was sure beyond sure that when I see her I would know her. My guts don't lie. I saw her and I knew it was her. Hubby in his usual self thot I was wrong and couldn't comprehend why we didn't at least exchange digits or pictures. The hall was full to capacity he said how do u pick out someone you have never met out in this crowd he retorted. I waited till the end of the show and walked up to her and asked if she was who I thot she was and Alas! she was the one. I was so happy to finally put a face to all the words and again my guts don't lie.I pride myself to be very intuitive. We spoke for a short while and I was off.

That meeting to me was the best part of the Season of Soyinka next will be Immaculate Jero's yahoozee dance steps. It was simply hilarious. Well done Laspapi.

PS: I will conclude the wedding log in my next post.


Nyemoni said...

Yeah, I can attest to the fact that it was fun..Regret not coming for the last show and this Yahooze steps sef... who's going to show me? ;-)

Nyemoni said...

I forgot to say thanks for stopping by my space so there!

For the love of me said...

Interesting, glad hubby didn't change his mind.

laspapi said...

thank you for making the show, nonesuch. Next time, please stop by to say hi.

Nonesuch said...

@ For the love of me I'm glad too. i think he had fun.

@Laspapi Glad i made the show.See u at Theatre @ Terra and i will say hello