Thursday, 19 July 2007

July and its Randomness

July is my fav month of the year for so many reason top of which is its my birthday and 2 of my friends have made me happier by having their babies on that same day though it wasn't planned so i have so many birthday mate. Its my brother's birthday to and my Aunt and so many other friends and family and each year my July list keeps increasing. my niece was also one in July.

July also is officially the start of the other half of the year. its a time of thanksgiving and soul searching. its mid year how are u doing on that list. you remember the long list we all come up wt at he beginning of the years stating all that we thin is humanly possible to achieve in the year. July is the time to bring it out and give it another look.

I attended a wedding of a dear friend up North and i intend to blog about all the details in another post. It was a long weekend of fun and celebration of their love and for me a voyage into the Hausa culture.

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