Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Wedding ,Reception & Kai Amarya

Its the morning of the wedding. The wedding consist of saying the Fatiah(sic) prayer and that is it really. The men all set out to Funtua (that is where the Bride is from) where they will observe the Friday Jumat along wt the saying of the wedding Fatiah which will be at about past 2pm in the afternoon. The women folk up North generally say their prayers at home it the men that must go to the Mosque for prayers. The Bride spent the better part of the morning saying prayers. She was understandably nervous.

Then the calls started coming congratulating her and wishing her well. She looked at me and say ...I have joined your club o I'm married. I congratulated her and gave her a hug. We then had to start preparing for the Reception.The reception is also all women affair. We all get dressed in our laces and all. The venue was decorated in an Hausa Traditional theme. The was the calabash cravings, raffia table mats with sweets and kola flowing out of them and the lighting was really cool.The hall was filled with friends, family and well wishers. Music was provided by 2 local musicians and one was a woman who sang beautiful India folk songs Uzo would have being in Bollywood heaven no doubt.

The bride was called to sit at the High table and her Aunts and friends were invited to join her and yours truly was one of them.Pls note that the MC was a woman and the video coverage person was a woman also.All that gist about Northerner woman I think is exaggerated o.We then had the buffet with the Bride leading us to the table.
After eating we hit the dance floor again to dance and be merry. The reception was over at about 5pm and we had to return home for Kai Amarya(conveying of the Bride) which is the main event.

No sooner did we get home that the Bride's Step Mum Aunt came to tell hr she had just a couple of minutes left in the house she was to get ready for the Kai Amarya. I was ordered to pack my suitcase as i was going with her and will be spending her 1st night as a married woman with her. She was very reluctant and didn't understand the urgency and I was equally puzzled that a friend was required to spend the night with her; accompany her there yes but spend the night there No where will the Groom be? I was promptly educated. The groom isn't allowed to see his Bride on the 1st night. He would see her at the Dinner tomorrow and if he is lucky spend the night with her. Whao!
We quickly gathered the rest of her stuffs and loaded the car. We needed to get to the Grooms house when there was nobody there and the Groom's party who are coming for her should not meet her in the house. They will come for a fake bride while the real Bride would have arrived way ahead of them.

We were followed to the Grooms house by the Mothers and Aunties. Someone dashed in to certify the coast was clear. She isn't suppose to meet anyone in the house. She then walked in amidst prayers. She was ushered into the bedroom and she sat all quite and near tears on the bed. Her Aunties all sat on the floor and prayers were said. Then it was time to say bye.The floodgate opened and she wept. She held on to her Step mum and would not let go. They both cried and cried and cried. There was no dry eye in the room. It was very emotional.

The woman soon left and it was just us, the Bride, Umi, D, and I. We soon put her at ease and gist started. H her sista joined us later and D left for home so The bride, Umi ,H and I spent the wedding night together. We didn't sleep till 2am though

Oh wat a day.

4 events gone 2 to go.


Uzo said...

This sounds thoroughly amazing....Do you have pictures you can share?

Nonesuch said...

@Uzo Yes it was amazing. Unfortunately I dont have pictures to share.