Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Update and What's a Mum to do ?

Senior Boy was 4 on Saturday and he asked for a Bicycle in a roundabout way. He asked, Mummy can you buy a bicycle? Like he will ask if I could jump or something. If my answer was Yes I can then He would have asked me to buy one to prove that I could indeed buy a Bicycle.I wonder whose side of the family he got that from. Anyways I was going to bite the bait. I answered No and that ended the conversation.

His Dad however without talking to me about it bought 2 shiny bicycles for the boys on Saturday. I wasn't even home when the bicycles arrived so imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw Senior Boy peddling away and Old man trying to get an hang of peddling. I glad Senior Boy got his birthday wish but which one is Old man's own? But if we wanted Senior Boy to enjoy his bike and we don't want a War to start in the house Old man had to get a bike. He is that bad and yes we need to deal with it. Sharing is still very alien to his vocabulary. Daddy is their number one hero now cos he got them the Bikes when Mummy said no. I'm jealous of the boys cos all they need to do is ask and they receive. I have to do more than drop hints atimes and I still get nothing.

Senior Boy is back in school and I think i have a crisis in my hands. All he wants to do after school is watch cartoon all evening. Bed time is messy affair with tears and fake ailments suddenly striking him and all sorts of drama. It was so bad yesternite that I had to withdraw watching TV during school nights.( i just turned into my Mum) No more TV during school night. He is allowed to play outside and ride his bike on the' concrete garden'( what do u call ur backyard that is all cemented and has little shrubs growing from pots?) but bed time is still 7.30pm so he has 15 mins for his tears and drama and he can finally be asleep at 8.00pm. We didn't have issues about going to bed before the holidays and I guess as he grows older and becomes more vocal he is beginning to question me and I really must not lose grounds. The battle ahead is for the strong men.

Old man is still very cooperative and understands and follows the simple of instruction of time to kiss Mummy Goodnight and go to bed. I 'm dreading the days when he will begin to question his bedtimes but before then I need to get it right with Senior Boy. Like they say if the 1st is on the right path it easier to get the rest of the crew on that same path.

We talked about it last night and Senior Boy know no more Ben 10, Kim Possible, Samuri Jack,Kids Next Door, Robot Boy and American Dragon on a school night. Weekends I also intend to restrict. What activities ( that does not involve me commuting to and from Lagos traffic) can u get a 4 year old engaged with aside school lessons? Any ideas?


princesa said...

First of all, happy belated birthday to senior boy!

So dad indulges them. Ok then you have to be the strict one...kids need to learn some for of discipline fron a tender age.

What to do asides school lessons?? Depending on if you had the time, you could arrange Music time for the kids when you play some of these cool kids song cds that they can sing along/dance to.
Am sure it will keep them happy and occupied. They will also explore their talents at singing too. Who knows senior boy or old man may just be our next Micheal J!

Uzo said...

Being a mom sounds like hard work....

Nonesuch said...

@Princesa Thanks for the birthday wishes. Dad indulges them so much its annoying and they know.
I 'm trying to be the strict one at the risk being labelled the 'bad cop' but i guess i dont miond the label.
Senior Boy will be starting Piano lesson next month. He is at the right age I hear. lets see how that goes.

@ Uzo it sure is lots and lots of hardworking.More importantly praying that you are doing it right. No parents wants a 'bad' child you know what i mean.

Nyemoni said...

maybe getting friends of his age group around for outdoor activities and colouring would help? but for how long?

Nonesuch said...

@ Nyemoni That is not such a good one cos then all my friends will send their children over and the whole place will be a mess. The noise, the fights over toys and the mess they will make with food. Infact i'm having an headache thinking of it.

Isi said...

well... you could try telling stories (if u aren't so tired). u could play kiddies game (which might bore you- the adult)
er... not much really, all the fun things are outdoors. lol!

Calabar Gal said...

LOL @ dropping hints and not getting what you want. As my father used to say playfully to my own mother when she complained:
"Go and meet your own father" LOL!!

Nonesuch said...

@ isi I agree all the fun is outdoors.

@calabar gal. yes o