Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Question Meme

I copied this from Princesa's blog and the questions got me thinking. Lets go
  1. I am..... a goal getter
  2. My ex boyfriend was....' too good to be true'
  3. Maybe I should......have another baby
  4. I love.... food, books and TV
  5. I don't understand..... homosexuality, suicide ,terrorism
  6. I lost my....innocence. ( don't trust anybody)
  7. My current boyfriend husband
  8. People say I'm .... s strong woman
  9. Love is .....selfless and unconditional
  10. Somewhere, someone is.... making a difference
  11. I will always food
  12. Forever is .....scary
  13. I never want to ..... be unable to figure a way out
  14. I think the current President is .... just there( I still cant figure him out)
  15. When I wake up in the morning ....I want to go right back to sleep
  16. Life is full of....uncertainties
  17. My past is ......a closed book
  18. I get annoyed when.... people don't take me seriously
  19. Parties are for...eating and meeting people
  20. Girls are.... the best
  21. Sex is..... 'life changing' and loads of responsibilities ( though over rated)
  22. I wish... I didn't have to worry about money
  23. Tomorrow I'm going to .....drag DH school shopping
  24. I really want some .... more money
  25. I have no tolerance for people who ......are lazy, self absorbed and who don't listen
  26. I am not ..... petty
  27. If I had a million dollars.....I would buy a patent off an inventor and hire a financial consultant so I don't ever go broke
  28. My job makes me....wish for more and wonder how can I make a difference?



I wish... I didn't have to worry about money

Me too!!!! I would simply do what I wanted and give to whoever I wanted, when I wanted!

Nonesuch said...

@ Solomonsydelle wont that be the life?

Temi said...

great meme
dont we all wish we didnt have to worry about money.

Nonesuch said...

@Temi Yes we all do what an irony?

Nyemoni said...

I feel you on this My current boyfriend That was my answer too!

Nonesuch said...

@Nyemoni lol too

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Your not petty. Good cos most people these days r, thanks to small small frustrations.

I like ur meme and i feel u on the job and wanting to go back to bed when u wake up. That's so me.

princesa said...

Cool answers nonesuch!
Why does forever scare you?

Who doesnt want more money?!?!


i have to go and do this meme, once i get over my depression that is. So wa?


i have to do this meme, once i get over my depression that is. so wa?

Nonesuch said...

@ I guess cos i like to b in control and I cant control forever.
who doesnt want more money? I wonder!

Nonesuch said...

@36, Pele it is well. This also will come to pass

Manda said...

First tyme here n loved it. i want to read more about the boys! I enjoyed that story o! will sure come back.

Nonesuch said...

@Manda Thanks for stopping by. glad you like the blog.