Thursday, 24 May 2007

...and then....

what made me post again after 6 months? i really dont much has happened since i gave birth to this blog. At 1st i wished the blog away, then i lost the password(though i knew it in my mind), then i started posting comments on peoples blog, then my friend lost her baby, and then she wonders why i dont have a blog, then i told her i was scared of what i would write, then i got a new job, then the war of words started on Babaalaye's blog.

He then posted again and i wanted to comment and i realise i had to sign in and then, only then after all the thens did i remember that i had abdandoned my blog.
'Even though a mother forgets her suckling child....'
I will be back Dear blog but i have to go now.



Welcome back!!

TaureanMinx said...

Continue the fight!lol

pamelastitch said...

I am sorry for your loss. I know what you mean. I abandoned my blog for 2 years and i just got back to it..about a month or so ago..but i am loving it. I hope you keep on posting....



Nonesuch said...

@36 inches of brown legs
Thank you. i'm not so sure its good to be back but we will see.

Abi o....Raise up the lights and chase the darkness away...Cece and Bebe.


Calabar Gal said...

Wheww!!! I've just gone through your entire archives. LOL!!

And I got my memory back too. Guess old age is catching up with me and I'm struggling to keep the memories of events in their proper years. LOL! My set was bwari 01/02 so we wouldnt have met in 2003. LOL!!

Loved your memoirs about your family though.