Friday, 8 December 2006


I cannot count the number of times i have started my blog only to stop right there in my tracks instead of proceeding, i postpone it till another day. Meanwhile i daily get online to read all the numerous blogs i'm addicted to. And i really do get distracted when i'm about to start posting.( like now TY just walked in and she believes i should drop everything because she is around from Phoneix AZ she is the subject of another blog).
i have lost my thot flow cos TY is really distracting me and getting on my case. But really the gist today is finally i have a blog and i did it 2006 even though it look like it was never going to happen again. so the lesson is even as the year is rapidly winding up, you look at your list of things to do for 2006 and you realise there is still so much left undo. do not be discouraged you can still make it ( some maybe not all) and also God is out to bless you regardless of all. the count down to Christmas has began. we still dont know if we are spending it in Lagos or going to my parents with the boys.
i really have to go now but i must say this is teh beginning of better things to come.catch you all later.

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