Saturday, 26 May 2007

I'm short of words

Words fail me. I don't even know what to say.Where do i even start from sef.For about a year plus now i have become addicted to so many blogs.I have cried with some of the bloggers, laughed with them, shouted at the monitor, wished i could see some of them but i never left any comment until after literally keeping a vigil at Alaye's blog, he posted and I decided to comment.And i was 1st to comment. Then all else broke lose.I can not help but wonder why? All the hate, bitterness and venom spitted out by people called 'annoymous'. (I posted that comment as annoymous)and I had to seperate myself from agberos on Blogville. I could not be annoymous again.I had to come out of the closet, if i was going to post comments i had to have an identity. I guess my blog is happy.

But then another shocker was waiting.Some wacko posted on TMinx's Blog about LB and she threaten to stop blogging. Just when I was getting the courage to start.As if that wasnt enough the SOB posted on LB's blog and now she is saying bye.Her Blog will no longer be freely accessed. You have to be invited.I'm short of words.

The whole thing makes me sad.So many questions????
I was going to do the 60 questions form TMinx's blog but i had to say this first.

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